Our answer: with high-quality content in the form of editorial articles – including smart campaign mechanics.


That's why we created the Native Campaign Cockpit (NCC), an integrated native advertising solution that focuses on holistic value creation. This means: added value for brands and for readers of our editorial content!

Our solution is based on the principle of voluntary action. By means of unobtrusive teaser campaigns, we offer our content to the target group; everyone is free to decide whether they want to consume it or not. This guarantees that only interested and highly involved users get our articles.

And the best part – advertisers only incur costs when users actually reach their articles (CPV billing).



The Native Campaign Cockpit is a holistic approach to native advertising that combines conception, creation, organisation, media and reporting of editorial articles in a clearly laid out, smoothly operating, and easy to use solution.

Native Campaigning made simple!



Through high-quality content that we place with reputable  publishers, we create added value for our readers and establish trust and closeness between brands and consumers.

This has a positive effect on all aspects of brand appeal and activates readers - as proven by our accompanying advertising research.



The NCC allows uncomplicated content placement with a variety of quality publishers, synergistically bundling forces.

We provide our content to users through native teasers with a smart campaign mechanism - specifically controlling and individually scaling the reach of our articles.

In this way, our customers' content gets the stage it deserves.



We deliberately avoid non-transparent package prices. Creation and media are offered separately, modularly and are individually scalable.

The media is billed on a performance-based CPV basis. Our customers only pay for the actual call-up of the article - the teaser volume is not invoiced.

NCC strengths

In light of growing competition for end consumer attention, brands with complex communication topics in particular are finding it increasingly difficult to make themselves heard in their target groups. Because of their limited communication space, classic banners and advertising media sometimes reach their natural limits.

With the Native Campaign Cockpit, we create maximum communication space for these brands. The editorial articles offer sufficient space to elaborate on topics in a differentiated manner and to provide readers with detailed information.

The goal of the Native Campaign Cockpit is to create authentic and emotional connections between brands and their target groups through high-quality content and values-based communication.

By respecting users and creating real added value for them, the appeal of the article’s creator – the advertiser –  increases.

We also benefit from the halo effect. The established trust in the relevant publishers where our content appears is carried over and into the relationship between readers and brand.

Although the Native Campaign Cockpit is primarily intended to convey information and emotions and to have a positive effect on brand appeal, our campaign-accompanying research proves time and again that it also has a strong activation effect.

Readers of the articles are usually much more motivated to find out more about the advertiser's products and services, to discuss them with friends and acquaintances, and to consider buying or using them.

The process in detail

After the initial briefing, our editors develop a topic solution tailored to the advertiser's individual needs. For this purpose, they analyse the market, the competitors and the relevant topics using qualitative and quantitative methods; from this they derive a content strategy and concrete topic proposals.

Following a kick-off call, our journalists get to work and create the first texts, images and teasers for the series of articles.

As soon as the content has been finalised, the technical setup of the campaign is done. Our campaign managers take care of hosting at the publishers, tracking, and the live launch of articles and their accompanying teaser campaigns.

During the runtime, campaign performance values are constantly monitored and optimised. Regular interim reports provide information on the progress and performance of individual articles. At the end of the project, there is a detailed final report with the results of the accompanying advertising impact research.

Our promise

In order to make the most of our campaigns for both advertisers and consumers, we never compromise on quality. We rely on top content that creates real informative added value and on top publishers who offer our content in reputable and trustworthy platforms.

Because the Native Campaign Cockpit is based on respect and voluntary action, our teaser campaigns follow a non-disruptive pull mechanism. While surfing the web, users discover the natively embedded teaser areas, showing them an unobtrusive but significant content offer. Only those really interested in our content click on the teaser and reach the articles.

And best of all – the advertiser only pays when users actually reach the article (CPV billing).

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Sabine Rössing
Sabine Rössing
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