„Stimmt so!“: PENNY thanks surprised customers with in-store choir performance



„Stimmt so!“: PENNY thanks surprised customers with in-store  choir performance 

Even small donations can make a big difference - and that deserves a very special thank you. In the latest campaign film for the Förderpenny donation initiative, PENNY surprises real customers at the checkout with a serenade from a children's choir. The campaign was conceived and realised by Serviceplan Campaign in Munich and can now be seen throughout Germany on TV, in print, in stores and online.

Munich, 12th February 2024 –  An everyday situation at the checkout, the price is quoted and the customer rounds up to the nearest 10 cents with a quick "Stimmt so!" when paying. Since 2015, PENNY has already collected over 4.6 million euros in donations for its initiatives to support children and young people in the neighbourhood. PENNY is now launching a new campaign to raise awareness of the Förderpenny.

In the campaign film, the routine payment process comes to a surprising end: as soon as the price has been rounded up at the customer's request, a children's choir emerges from the ranks of the store and starts singing. What's special: The protagonists are real customers who were unaware of the filming process beforehand.

"As part of the Förderpenny intitiative, each individual can do great things for children and young people with a simple "vote like this" at the PENNY checkout with very small donations. We want to use this campaign to raise awareness of this initiative, so that together with our customers we can create many more great projects for children and young people together with our customers," says Dr Jan Flemming, Managing Director of PENNY Marketing.

Christoph Everke, , Creative Managing Partner at PENNY lead agency Serviceplan Campaign: "The Förderpenny shows: Every individual can make a big difference at their local  discounter, even with a small effort. With our campaign, we want to encourage and inspire people to get involved themselves. It was very important that the authenticity and genuineness is also reflected in the film itself - with real customers and unposed reactions that arose from the moment."

Watch the film about the new campaign here.

The campaign will be broadcast on TV in two phases. The campaign will also be shown on a wide range of communication channels and advertising media across Germany. The campaign will also be communicated at the point of sale, in digital channels and on social media.

In addition to Serviceplan Campaign in Munich, Serviceplan Make was responsible for agency producing within the Serviceplan Group. The film was produced by e+p Films GmbH under the direction of Max Niemann.




Jan Flemming

Werner Hesse-Quack

Marcel Otten

Silke Winter

Milena Yetiskin



Christoph Everke

Moritz Dornig

Matthäus Frost

Holger Roth

Vivien Katholing

Miriam Schmidt

Wiebke Müller

Christine Deder

Theresa Basenach


You can download the file here

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