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Our concept "House of Communication" combines creativity, media and technology under one roof. At the same time, our claim is to be absolutely flexible and agile. Completely in line with the individual needs of our clients, but always 100 percent integrated. The Serviceplan Group includes the corporate brands Serviceplan, Mediaplus and Plan.Net.

Serviceplan Spain

Building best brands with fully integrated communications services.

Mediaplus Spain

Integrated media planning with strong expertise in Data and digital technology.

Born Integrated
MP Equmedia

Mediaplus Equmedia, the well-known Spanish media agency, is now part of the Serviceplan Group, the largest independent agency group in Europe. This strategic move strengthens Mediaplus Equmedia's international presence by joining a European powerhouse with over 40 companies and revenues of 6.6 billion euros. As a subsidiary of the Serviceplan Group, Mediaplus Equmedia benefits from the group's expertise in creative communications (Serviceplan), media services (Mediaplus Equmedia and Mediaplus Alma) and digital marketing (Plan.Net).


The integration gives Mediaplus Equmedia access to state-of-the-art tools, technologies and innovative processes across Europe and Asia. The agency operates as Mediaplus Equmedia under the umbrella of the Serviceplan Group, increasing its growth potential and performance. By collaborating with other agencies within the Serviceplan Group's House of Communication in Spain, the agency now offers a more comprehensive global communications offering.

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Gerardo Mariñas
Gerardo Mariñas
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