Global sales of VR/AR headsets

Sales of VR/AR headsets will total 28.6 million units worldwide in 2027. While sales fell by around 30% from 2021 to 2023, an increase of over 250% is forecast over the next four years.

Statistics for the usage of VR
survey on augmented reality during shopping germany 2018

Use of AR headsets for digital shopping

68% percent of respondents in Germany would rather wear AR headsetsduring digital shopping than install supporting apps.


  • Adaptive spatial OS (visionOS),that seamlessly integrates with your surroundings.
  • Intuitive interaction, allowing a navigation using eyes and hands for a holistic experience eliminating the need for controllers.
  • Unparalleled viewing experience with 23 million pixels. This provides a resolution greater than 4K Displays for each eye.
  • Comprehensive sensory integration achieved by 12 cameras and 6 microphones, that guarantee increased immersion.
  • Spatial productivity, contributing to enhanced web browsing, messaging, and note-taking.
  • Built-in security system, known as Optic ID. It analyzes and recognizes the unique iris information of the user.
  • External battery with a battery life of 2 hours. The glasses can be connected to power for all-day use.

What do Spatial Computing and the Apple Vision Pro change for our customers?

Since the launch of the Apple Vision Pro headset, the reviews have been raving: "The Apple Vision Pro Is A Marvel" (New York Times), "Spatial Computing's Promise Is Fulfilled" (Forbes) or "This Is The Future Of Computing And Entertainment" (CNBC). Despite all the criticism of the price, the weight of the glasses and the battery life, the experts agree: Apple is a game changer and has once again managed to redefine an existing product category.

Immersive experiences will not only change commerce, but also revolutionize the brand experience itself. In a virtual space - without physical boundaries - anything is possible. Brand managers should prepare for the spatial computing era and look into spatial design systems for their brand and products. By offering their customers interactive brand experiences in virtual environments right from the start, they will be one step ahead of the competition.

Top 5 Apple Vision Pro Use Cases

  • Apple Vision Pro’s spatial technology allows products to be virtually placed in the user’s real environment, enhancing the immersive shopping experience.
  • The capabilities of the headset, such as virtual overlays and real-time information display, can significantly elevate the shopping experience while receiving product information in a more engaging way.
  • Beyond mere product insights, Vision Pro can act as a personalized shopping assistant. Based on a user’s shopping history and preferences, retailers could provide tailored promotions and product suggestions. This can positively impact product sales while offering an enriched shopping experience for consumers.
  • Possible e-Commerce Apps for Apple Vision Pro:
    • Virtual try-on for clothing and accessories (i.e. Decathlon)
    • AR visualization of furniture (i.e. IKEA Place)
    • Product Discovery 
  • Vision Pro’s high definition, dynamic virtual environments will allow consumers to immerse themselves in captivating experiences visiting different locations, from city squares and mountain ranges to the surface of the moon without leaving their homes.
  • Travel agencies and tour operators can utilize Vision Pro to create virtual tours that will serve as teasers, allowing individuals to experience a taste of their potential journey. This will help to differentiate their offerings in the highly competitive travel market.
  • Lastly, we’ll see emerging partnerships for immersive travel content, for example National Geographic travel videos.
  • Vision Pro’s cutting edge technology will revolutionize the education experience for both students and educators through immersive virtual learning environments bridging the gap between theoretical learning and practical application.

  • The tool allows for multiple distance learning scenarios, including teleconferencing, e-learning, and expert consultations, for example crafting an immersive virtual lab for experiments. 

  • Additionally, the Apple Vision Pro offers the advantage of creating a safe, simulated environment for hands-on student training. For example, medical students can familiarize themselves with complex equipment in a simulated environment to boost confidence before handling real equipment in clinical settings.

  • Apple’s VR headset has the potential to elevate the healthcare domain by assisting in medical training and education as well as patient education.
  • Healthcare professionals will be able to engage with patients in an immersive setting, providing a more holistic and interactive consultation experience. This could be especially beneficial for patients in remote areas or those unable to visit a medical facility.
  • The Apple Vision Pro can also assist in diagnosis and visualizations. With exceptional video and image quality, healthcare professionals will be able to conduct more thorough examinations with 3D medical visualizations, having a more comprehensive understanding of the anatomy and potential medical conditions.
  • Potential for safe and repeatable training scenarios, ranging from practicing surgical procedures to diagnosing conditions in risk-free environments.
  • Insight Kidney, a medical application that allows users to scan their physical environment and place the three-dimensional kidney, is one of the apps that confirmed releasing their solution on Apple’s Vision Pro.
  • By harnessing the capabilities of Apple’s Vision Pro, the real estate and architecture sectors can transform the way properties are showcased and sold.
  •  Immersive virtual tours will allow potential buyers to navigate through real estate objects without being physically present. This not only provides a comprehensive view of the property but also provides a more resource- and time-efficient solution compared to physical tours.
  • Furthermore, the apps integrated with Vision Pro can provide interactive features such as real-time modifications, furnishings previews, etc. enriching the buying or investment experience.


Experience the potential of spatial computing, explore initial use cases and develop your first own ideas.

Apple is a game changer and has managed to redefine an existing product category. The Vision Pro scores with its huge ecosystem: users can access all Apple apps such as Apple Music or Apple TV. The new technology opens up unimagined possibilities for brands, as they can tell their product and brand stories in an interactive, more animated and more emotional way. It is evident that products with a spatial experience sell better.

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