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End-to-End solutions for spatial and Web3

Spatial Computing

We are your partner from strategic planning through creative design concepts and captivating storytelling to technical implementation of your Spatial platform. The result: a market-ready product.

Blockchain Solutions

The blockchain is the backbone of the new iteration of the internet. Harness the potential of blockchain technology to optimize existing applications and develop new business models.

Business Models in Web3

We are developing solutions and business models for Web3, spatial experiences, and blockchain applications. This creates genuine value and long-term business impact for your company.

Next Community

Communities are the engine of Web3. We are developing immersive experiences and blockchain solutions that place communities and audiences at the center, fostering engagement with your brand.

Digital Products for Web3

In Web3, new products and brands are emerging through blockchain technology, influencing popular culture and revolutionizing entire industries with new business and participation models.

Go-to-Market Strategy

We develop strategies to efficiently communicate your digital product to the right audience. Leverage the full power of the House of Communication, including gaming, social, and events - worldwide.


The House of Dreams

The next iteration of the internet: Your success in the era of Spatial Computing and Web3.
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The One Club for Creativity

The next iteration of the internet: Your success in the era of Spatial Computing and Web3.
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Industry Solutions

Use cases for your business

Digitization is already having a profound impact on the art world. In particular, blockchain and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are revolutionizing the buying and selling of art by enabling artists to tokenize their works. But this is just one chapter in the big book of the digitization of art and the potential of new technologies: 

Networked art events

Open data standards enable the networking of different art events. For example, a visit to Art Basel could unlock a special ticket design, while contact with an artist at the museum could lead to a free coffee.

Expanded curatorial possibilities

The virtual world opens up new perspectives for staging artworks and themes. For example, it's possible to experience a room from the perspective of a bee or a child on the run - all in a virtual museum that stretches to the clouds on the space of a postage stamp.

NFTickets: Key to expanded art worlds

NFTickets are more than just admission tickets. They can be used, for example, to access augmented reality artworks in public spaces or other exclusive online content. These interactions can in turn be stored ""on-chain"" and incorporated into a physical exhibition at a later date.

Boundless art experience

The fusion of the physical and virtual worlds enables an art experience that is independent of time and place. A high degree of customization and networking with online and offline visitors can be embedded in a holistic art experience. 

Web3 and spatial computing technologies have the potential to democratize access to art, empower artists, and redefine the way we experience and interact with art. New, more connected experiences are emerging that can be enriching for all involved.

In the digital era, traditional application and onboarding processes are no longer up to date. The shortage of skilled workers and the expectations of digital natives require innovative solutions in employer branding.

Anonymized application processes:

Imagine candidates experiencing your company in a virtual 3D environment that combines anonymity and emotionality. This leaves a modern and future-oriented impression.

Dynamic tokens for HR milestones:

Blockchain technology stores HR milestones in a token. Employees can exchange them for perks like coffee or company stock, which increases retention and loyalty.

Alumni engagement:

Web3 lets you build a vibrant network with your alumni. Virtual seminars and networking events increase the chances of return and strengthen your employer branding through word-of-mouth.

Onboarding through Spatial Experiences:

Forget PowerPoint. Our Spatial Experiences turn onboarding into a community experience that integrates and motivates new employees faster.

Understandable Corporate Structures:

3D visualizations make complex company structures and responsibilities tangible and easy to understand, making onboarding easier.

In an ever-changing world, we provide the tools to future-proof your employer branding.

The music industry faces numerous challenges that affect artists, promoters, labels and brands alike. From albums and digital merch to festival tickets and fan participation in band success, the combination of blockchain technology and Spatial Experiences offers the music industry the flexibility and security to enable forward-thinking interaction and deep engagement - with lower costs and higher revenues in the medium term.  

Visitor:in control & brand activation.

Event organizers can simplify complex event programs and create challenges, for example. For example, those who complete the sponsored ""Newcomer Route"" receive exclusive access to another small concert or label event. For the sponsor, clearly measurable results and brand moments remain. 

Strengthening the community through Phygital Merch

For over 50% of the global population under 40, digital is as important as physical. Digital and simultaneous physical merch strengthens fan bases beyond individual events and appeals to a growing audience. Superfans, for example, can receive exclusive, iconic fan shirts that use AR to make it visible to everyone how many concerts the fan has been to. 


The blockchain makes it possible to directly and concretely reward sustainable behavior such as traveling by train or cleaning up the campsite. This allows event organizers and brands to better communicate and enforce their sustainability goals. And they can do so with a technical infrastructure that has a minimal footprint. 

eCommerce revolution through spatial experiences.

Instead of being redirected to sterile shopping sites, Spatial Experiences enable a direct and immersive shopping experience. For example, fans can directly purchase fan merchandise in a walk-through 3D video, increasing conversion rates and engagement. 

Events before and after main events

Virtual experiences before and during concerts keep fans engaged. We've already realized nearly 150% of annual revenue with a 30-day pre-event that (also) sells merch. Combined with digital tickets, AR installations and consistent storytelling, the experience and contact moment with fans is extended many times over. 

Revolution in ticketing

Blockchain ensures tamper-proof tickets and gives event organizers complete control over the secondary market.In addition, smart tickets can be used for further activation before and after the event.

Fan engagement with events and acts

Imagine if a band could engage all those fans who have faithfully attended dozens of concerts - across years and countries. Such unique fan moments are possible with Blockchain. Blockchain makes it possible to segment fans, identify superfans, and reward them with highly personalized rewards.

Traditional loyalty programs have their limitations: high costs, inflexibility, and lack of engament. Blockchain-based systems solve these problems and create space for deeper customer engagement, innovative products, and dynamic storytelling across years and campaigns.

Gamified challenges: more than just collecting points.

Imagine if your company rewarded not only purchases, but also eco-friendly behavior outside of their brand universe. Through blockchain, they can verify that a customer participated in an environmental action or supported a sustainable project. 

Dynamic storytelling: the journey doesn't end with the reward

Traditionally, receiving a reward is the end of the customer journey. With blockchain, that moment becomes the starting point of a new story. Perhaps the reward becomes part of a larger mission - with characters, challenges, and plot twists.

Customized rewards - beyond financial value.

Emotional and aesthetically pleasing rewards have equal value to people as financial ones. But traditional loyalty systems don't offer such incentives. With a rich treasure trove of data and collected history, blockchain-based rewards can score right here: A public transport ticket in the design of my last concert visits? Want it.  

Open ecosystems: more than just a token

A neighborhood coffee shop might accept your loyalty points as payment for a coffee. Open blockchain technology makes it possible to integrate different businesses - regardless of their size. 

In a changing world, blockchain provides the flexibility and security for future-focused customer engagement. It enables individualized approaches and fosters sustainable relationships.

The sports industry is on the verge of a revolution through the Spatial Web, which offers a wealth of exciting opportunities for fans as well as stakeholders such as leagues, clubs, players and sponsors. Immersive experiences are becoming a central part of sports entertainment, opening up whole new business opportunities and revenue streams.

Enhanced fan engagement through blockchain technologies:

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) enable fans to collect and trade digital collectibles such as virtual jerseys, player cards and highlight clips. This not only increases fan engagement, but also opens up new revenue streams for sports organizations.

Gamification and interactive experiences:

Let fans participate in interactive games, virtual tailgating parties, and even real-time decision-making. This interactivity keeps fans engaged not only during the season, but also during non-game hours, and creates an emotional connection with the team.

Personalized fan experiences:

Exclusive content or tailored marketing messages make fans feel more connected to their teams and leagues. Engage your fans between game days and during league breaks.

Integrate immersive e-commerce solutions:

Instead of just shopping, fans experience a mix of content hub and shopping experience. This creates a lasting online presence and stronger brand loyalty.

Virtual and physical fan merchandise:

These are easy, cost-effective and environmentally friendly to distribute. They transform ordinary fan products from a static, one-dimensional ""thing"" into an asset that has connections to the digital world and is part of an ever-evolving, dynamic story.

In an ever-changing world, we provide the tools to future-proof your sports branding.

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