Technology & Fashion Together

OPPO has always pursued to inspire the world through innovation and technology. Now, for the launch of the latest mobile phone (the new OPPO Reno10), OPPO was looking for an alliance with a Spanish brand that shared the same values. ​

The challenge was finding the best suitable brand but also to highlight the most important feature of this phone: its ability to make portraits at a professional level. ​

From Serviceplan Spain, we carried out a search for brands with which to join forces until reaching the "perfect fit" with Moisés Nieto, a Spanish sustainable fashion brand that is defined by the fusion of craftsmanship, innovation and attention to detail. 


When technology meets fashion and art 

Moisés Nieto was about to launch his new collection. We proposed him to join forces with OPPO for the launch of a collection that sought inspiration in nature and simplicity with innovative photographic techniques to print and dress the garments. ​

A unique collaboration that started with a photo shoot to portray elements of nature using the new OPPO Reno10 Pro. From this shooting, Moisés made a selection of several photographs that are now the prints of the new collection for the SS24 season, but one of the portraits has become the designs of two limited and exclusive pieces: a sweatshirt (made of 300 gr organic cotton) and a phone case.  ​

Both pieces were signed by Moisés Nieto and OPPO. They were presented exclusively at the launch event of the new Moisés Nieto collection and are available at the designer's physical shop and on his official website. ​









Audience Reach​

"This Serviceplan campaign is part of its constant search for the best übercreative solutions for our clients, with ideas that transcend the most conventional advertising with joint work with personalities related to other arts, research and other disciplines relevant to consumers, always taking into account the objectives of our clients".

Ainhoa de las Pozas

CEO Serviceplan España

Key Takeaways


Connecting values to​ create a unique​ collaboration.


Going beyond the conventional​ cobrading model​.


Fashion and technology united by 

common values to​ inspire creativity and​innovation.