More than any other generation before, the media world of young target groups is characterized by creators. Unlike influencers, creators are less concerned with reach or interaction. It's primarily about the content itself, which they produce on platforms like TikTok, Twitch or Instagram with unparalleled passion, creativity and authenticity. "Passiontainment" is what we call this trend that has come to stay, and often goes hand in hand with gaming. Gaming is modern pop culture with high influence on media and content outside the games themselves.


In order to understand and serve these trends - and thus the future - it is not enough to observe them from the sidelines. That's why Mediaplus has created the Digital Trailblazers, a network of young, committed colleagues who - as creators and influencers, among other things - are part of this world themselves. Together with the Digital Trailblazers, we help brand managers to build successful community management and target group engagement.



What drives the consumers of tomorrow? We asked them. On the basis of qualitative interviews with 15 to 25-year-olds and numerous publications, we have created a picture of the mood of this generation. In an interactive workshop, we work with you to develop a basis for brand communication with Gen-Z: What are the relevant touchpoints and media? Which influencers and platforms do they interact with, and which brand presence appeals to them? And what are their views on politics, society, and topics such as sustainability and diversity? The lessons learned together flow into initial engagement ideas.




Streaming, TikTok, Twitch and the like have become an integral part of everyday life for Gen-Z. But Gen-Z representatives are by no means just passive users. More than two-thirds describe themselves as creators or influencers. In our Creator Bootcamp, we bring together marketing managers, media experts, creatives and creators. The creators explain the platforms to us from their expert perspective: What content works particularly well? Which target groups can be found on the platform? How do they find inspiration for new content? In the process, we collect initial ideas for creative options, advertising formats, and influencer collaborations.

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Our GenZ experts:

Alexander Turtschan

Alexander Turtschan - Director Digital Accelerator I Mediaplus Group

Alex Turtschan has been working at the House of Communication since 2009 and advises Mediaplus clients on trend and innovation topics as Director Digital Accelerator. As a passionate gamer since day one, he nowadays gets lost in action adventures when not following esports tournaments and gameplay on Twitch.

Simone Jocham

Simone Jocham - Senior Consultant Innovation I Mediaplus Group

Simone Jocham has been working in digital media planning and strategic consulting within the Mediaplus Group for 6 years now.  Since its founding in 2019 Simone has been part of Mediaplus’ Digital Trailblazer network, where she is involved in influencer projects and particularly engaged with the Gen-Z, their drivers, passion and unique behaviours.




At one time it was the somewhat nerdy hobby of mostly young men. Yet, in the meantime, gaming and eSports became mainstream. The Covid-19 pandemic once again intensified this. Restrictions on contact and the lack of shared recreational activities ensured a real video games boom worldwide. In Germany, the number of players rose by around five per cent in 2020, the first Covid-19 year, alone, according to the Association of the German Games Industry. In total, 58 per cent of 6- to 69-year-olds are already dipping into digital worlds via PCs, consoles or smartphones – and not just to pass the time but also to remain in contact with family and friends.


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Sabine Rössing
Sabine Rössing
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