Mamie Nova, a taste for authenticity with Serviceplan!

Mamie Nova, who has been delighting our taste buds for years, has always made it a point of honour to be in tune with trends and even (very often) to be ahead of them!

But it's also in its communications that Mamie Nova renews itself and manages to surprise us. Accompanied by its agencies SERVICEPLAN for creation and MEDIAPLUS for media orchestration, the brand is taking a new turn this year, choosing to re-invest in authenticity, without abandoning its fresh, modern state of mind.

Authenticity and extraordinary gourmandise will be conveyed through a new advertising copy broadcast in 3 formats from February 17, 2023, over a three-week period. This new film pokes fun at today's consumers' compelling need for authenticity... when it's so easy to satisfy it by savoring a delicious Gourmand® Mamie Nova!

With this new copy, the brand reaffirms its 100% French dairy roots, and its gourmet taste, with the generous pieces of fruit that make these products so unique in the ultra-fresh aisle.

Another pleasant surprise, Mamie Nova also delights our ears with the unmissable song "MAMY BLUE", specially re-orchestrated for the release of this new copy.

This hit is making a comeback, having already been used by the brand almost 20 years ago. Authenticity has never been so trendy with Mamie Nova and Serviceplan!

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