A2A Life is a circle

a2a Life is a circle


Life is a circle: Serviceplan Italia mette in circolo energia positiva con la nuova campagna di comunicazione per A2A Life Company

The new communication campaign for A2A Life Company, created by Serviceplan Italia, has launched. This new campaign flight highlights the values of the Life Company and its commitment to the ecological transition. It emphasizes the circularity of energy and the choice to invest in renewable energies. It discusses the circular economy and how A2A gives new life to waste by transforming it into resources.

This commitment is also celebrated through the reinterpretation of one of Nada's greatest hits, "Amore Disperato," performed by Fabio Gargiulo for BKM Production, making the A2A brand even more memorable.

The emotion of the music is combined with the originality of the animations created by EDI in the unique and distinctive style of the azure format crafted by Serviceplan Italia for the entire brand universe of the Life Company.

The campaign marks the Group's choice to adopt a new tone of voice: lighter and more playful, to reach everyone, making communication more engaging and aiming not just for Share of Mind but also for the “Share of Smile.”

Also new is the communication concept "Life is a circle," capable of coherently and uniquely conveying all aspects of circularity according to A2A Life Company, because, indeed, Life is a circle.

The protagonist of the first flight is the 30” dedicated to A2A Corporate, followed by the 20” of A2A Energia, illustrating how energy improves life through a world of additional services.

In addition to TV, the campaign plan includes radio spots, where the power of the jingle finds its ideal setting, as well as digital placements.



Agenzia: Serviceplan Italia

Chief Creative Officer: Stefania Siani

Direzione Creativa Esecutiva: Giuliana Guizzi, Salvatore Giuliana

Art Director: Filippo Manelli

Copywriter: Ilaria Turci

Client Director: Elena Boso

Account Supervisor: Ginevra Galletti

Account Executive: Marta Caimi

Producer Make: Samuela Teli

Consulenza musicale/acquisizione diritti: Bkm Production

Produzione musicale: Fabio Gargiulo per Bkm Production

Brano originale: “Amore Disperato” (Parole e Musica: V. Venturi, G. Manzoli - ©1983 EMI Music Publishing Italia Srl - Universal Music Publishing Ricordi Srl)

Agenzia Media: Mediacom


VFX Supervisor: Claudio Bellizzi

Head of Commercial Production: Francesca Paola Granatino

Motion Graphic Supervisor: Giacomo Boschi

Rigging and Animation Supervisor: Tommaso Siragusa

Lead Motion Graphics Designer: Marco Valmori 

3D Animator: Alessandra Restivo - Francesca Restelli - Iolanda Filipponi

Modeller: Gabriele Martinacci - Lara Pizzutelli

Rigger: Kevin Rosso

Editor: Daniele Duranti

Martina Alberta
Martina Alberta
Marketing & Communication Specialist
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