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Plan.Net Italia is a digital agency with a focus on the world of Marketing Technology and a leader in digital customer experience and e-commerce services. We design and implement digital marketing transformation projects. Our interdisciplinary team provides consultancy in experience design, e-commerce, technology, and data.

Plan.Net Group is one of the most successful digital agencies in Europe, a reliable partner in managing the challenges of the digital era. The group's skills and solutions are characterized by the seamless integration of technology, creativity, and data. Starting from our clients' objectives, our expert teams in various disciplines leverage innovative tools and systems to design and develop MarTech solutions and support clients in their digital transformation processes.


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Are you just starting your career, or are you already an expert in the fields of marketing and business consulting, e-commerce, data and analytics, UX and UI design, or customer experience management? Then you're in the right place. Join the Plan.Net team!

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