Best Brands 2024: Top 10 Brands Unveiled

Best Brands 2024


Best Brands 2024: Top 10 Brands Unveiled

"The 'Best Brands' are a unique combination of commercial strength and emotional appeal. The forthcoming Best Brands Awards, to be held on 27 February 2024, will honour those outstanding brands that have most effectively captured both of these qualities. According to a GfK study, this year's elite Top 10 brands have been selected in four different categories. The evening gala at the Bayerischer Hof will be hosted by Linda Zervakis, followed by an inspirational keynote by the Australian fashion icon, supermodel and entrepreneurial businesswoman Elle Macpherson. Another highlight of the evening will be a performance by the German indie rock band "Sportfreunde Stiller".

Munich, 6 February 2024 — The Best Brands Awards once again roll out the red carpet for the most successful brands of the year. These are identified through an extensive representative study by GfK and measured against two key criteria: their actual commercial success on the market and their appeal as perceived by the consumers. Thus, it is not a jury that decides who the winning brands are, but the consumers themselves.

The Best Brands Awards are organized as a partner event by GfK, Seven.One Entertainment Group, Markenverband, WirtschaftsWoche, DIE ZEIT, RMS. Der Audiovermarkter, Media Impact, and Serviceplan Group.

In addition to the "Best Brand Overall" award, this year's event will once again include a specific analysis of brands based on certain aspects of the lives of consumers. The categories for this year are "Best Brand Beauty," "Best Brand Fashion," and "Best Momentum Brand."

Michael Müller, Managing Director of NIQ/GfK Germany, comments: "With the 'Best Momentum Brand' award, this year we are honouring brands that have not only survived but also thrived in times of crisis. They have also distinguished themselves by making a strong impression in the hearts and minds of consumers. The Best Momentum Brand is a prime example of how brand momentum can be achieved even in challenging times.

Based on the GfK study, the following top 10 of the four categories were identified (top 10 in alphabetical order, see chart below).

Best Brands Top 10 (alphabetical order)

The winners in the four categories will be honoured on the evening of February 27, 2024, at the Best Brands Awards ceremony held at the Bayerischer Hof and will be announced shortly thereafter via press release. A highlight of the event will be meeting and listening to Australian fashion icon Elle Macpherson at this year's Best Brands Gala. As a supermodel and entrepreneurial businesswoman, Elle not only possesses extensive insider knowledge about wellness, fashion, fashion brands, and the entire industry but has also become a brand of her own. Another highlight of the program will be a performance by the German indie rock band "Sportfreunde Stiller." The evening will once again be hosted by Linda Zervakis.

Best Brands College: Harnessing the Power of Momentum

Ahead of the main event, the Best Brands College will take place during the day at the House of Communication of the Serviceplan Group. The day's conference, themed "Best Brands & the Power of Momentum: Driving Success with Strong Brand Impulses and AI," will start at 9:30 a.m. with presentations from top-notch speakers. These talks will address timely questions such as: "How do brands successfully set the right impulse at the right moment? What strategies do successful brands use to build crisis resilience, and what role will AI play in this in the future?" This year, the conference will be moderated once again by Daniel Boschmann. More information about the presentations can be found here.

About Best Brands:

Since 2004, the Best Brands Awards have evolved into the industry event of the year for business, retail, and media. The brand prize is now also awarded annually in Italy, Belgium, France, and Poland. As the only marketing award, Best Brands measures the strength of a brand based on two criteria according to a comprehensive representative study by GfK: the actual economic market success, known as "Share of Market," and the brand's appeal in the perception of consumers, or "Share of Soul." Therefore, the winners are not determined by the subjective judgment of a jury but solely by the consumers.

For more information on Best Brands, please visit the official website.

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The accompanying hashtag is #BestBrandsGermany.

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