Gain new interest with the same concept

The Emoji® collectable promotions at ALDI were previously a hit at the box office in the  2019 and 2022 campaigns. For every €15 purchase, people could earn a collectable Emoji® figurine. The campaign inspired lots of collecting and swapping in schoolyards and on playgrounds, making the toy figures a "hot commodity". ALDI wanted to revive the campaigns for a third time. But how could they attract even more attention and make a bigger impact with the same campaign?

The previous campaigns were convincing due to their high recall value and equally memorable branding. These success factors had to be maintained. Importantly, an even higher turnover had to be achieved by increasing the total average purchases per client. To create the same demand for the collectables on the playground, an exciting new theme  was developed for the new ALDI campaign.

“Our emoji® collectables campaign was themed around vibrant music – so we gave it our all. In addition to creating an entire magical, memorable atmosphere with 3D animations, we also composed distinct ear-grabbing hip-hop music with lyrics in both French and Dutch.”

Kathleen Driscart



Inject new life into the campaign and create incentives

To make the third edition of the popular collectable campaign stand out from the last few years, but remain just as desirable, ALDI got a musical makeover. We immersed the ALDI Emoji® in a world of music under the name "Beats". In addition to the figures, the new more interactive campaign included a matching collector's album and two accompanying board games, which all made the new Emoji® collection even more sought-after.

The new campaign was initiallly announced by a teaser video, which built up anticipation  – especially for children. Two additional TV commercials were created, featuring distinct hip-hop music. Each Emoji® got its own creative 3D animation – helping it appeal to specific tastes. Together with ALDI, we were able to create a fun, playful campaign that was attention-grabbing and engaging.

Key Takeaways


Video is King.


Testing different video formats helps
optimize the completion rate.


Choosing the right advertising format is
important for campaign success.

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