Virtual Ecosystem and platform for BMW

BMW was looking for a supplier for Metaverse and Blockchain solutions in a public tender, the “BMW Supplierthon”.
We were tasked with the development of a creative and innovative solution for a virtual and decentralized ecosystem for BMW.

The quest was to build new business areas and models as well as a new customer journey experience, including a virtual marketplace based on digital tokens and blockchain-technology, as well as visualization and communication of aftersales products, features and functions. – Basically, a virtualized redesign of the Customer Journey and Experience.

We wanted to enable customers to experience and engage with the brand in completely new ways. Our personal task: Representation of ownership of a BMW only comes with the physical key. But how could we excite people much earlier to build a brand relationship? How could BMW fans become part of the brand, own a piece of BMW, even without owning a physical BMW (yet)? How could Web3 and Spatial Technologies become an integrated solution? 



BMW.key phygital ecosystem

Your BMW key usually represents the access point to the BMW experience. Now, BMW offers two different keys.

The Physical: gives access to the center of your physical BMW world – your car. In the future, this physical space becomes another gateway to the virtual experience.

The Virtual: a digital twin of the physical key in form of a blockchain token, which connects the physical BMW world seamlessly with the digital, and virtual – across an entirely redesigned Customer Experience – the BMW.key ecosystem.

The BMW.key platform hosts your personal BMW ID, records of your BMW history and car data, digital products and collectibles, virtual experiences and services, and a rewards program. The program offers owners and fans new ways of enjoying, exploring and experiencing the brand. BMW.key also offers unseen and innovative technological solutions for the most demanding customers and challenges.

Digital Natives and Gamers can earn a virtual BMW.key in gamified experiences, before or even without ever owning a physical model. They can earn points on their virtual .key through interaction, engagement, or community activity, redeem exclusive rewards and unlock exclusive features for their future dream car.

Luxury customers can leverage their ownership history to redeem exclusive services like a personal consultant, luxury car features, faster delivery of their new car and much more.
Blockchain technology acts as a neutral and Direct2Customer platform for all kinds of collaborations and connects seamlessly with all devices – your BMW becomes a device in that mix and part of your digital lifestyle.

With BMW.key, we are exploding the linear customer journey and find a million new and unseen ways to connect to the brand in collaborations, co-creation, events and more. The platform covers the complete value chain and customer journey, from first contact with the brand to being a years-long BMW owner.
BMW.key is redefining the experience of what it means to own a BMW.

"BMW.key is a revolution builds the infrastructure to elevate interaction and ownership of your personal BMW experience to new levels. We are excited to partner with BMW for the Digital Transformation 3.0."

Nina Matzat

Strategy Lead


Key Takeaways


Redfine ownership in a phygital world.


Create unseen engaging and immersive experiences.


Build innovative business models for the next web.

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