Personalised e-dialogue communication for over 10 years in the areas of B2C and B2B

For one of Lufthansa's most important 1-to-1 communication channels, we are responsible for creating personalisation concepts, segmenting target groups, sending e-mail newsletters and reporting. We control personalised flight recommendations on the basis of dynamic prices, create rules for segmentation and customer activation and are now active in more than 16 languages and 104 countries.

Together with Lufthansa, we developed a user-friendly web-based analysis tool to read out the relevant data in more than 100 markets on a daily basis - with considerable increases in efficiency.


Automation & personalisation as the basis for communicating relevant content at the right time

Plan.Net developed a globally standardised, contemporary technology for newsletter templates: responsive and text-based.
Through automated, personalised, global and regional content, the newsletter provides relevant, personalised 1-to-1 communication.

Based on the home market Germany, a worldwide standardised newsletter template was rolled out and continuously developed. We also carried out a technical upgrade within the mailing system.


Key Facts


KPI uplift
(opens, clicks, readwert, revenue)


personalisation measures


worldwide newsletter
mailing volume per year

"It takes courage for all parties involved to give up a little bit of direct control over the content played out through automation and personalisation options, and in the end to let the end customers decide through their behaviour which content is currently relevant to them."

Johannes Andiel


Key Takeaways


Without individual & relevant content
there is rarely any added value for the end customer.


Automation is the basis
for personalisation measures.


Only a holistically conceived customer
journey across all channels leads to
brand loyalty.

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Johannes Andiel
Johannes Andiel
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