Every portion has its price

The NGO Robin Wood has set itself the goal of taking action against the large-scale deforestation of our natural forests to gain pasture for cattle ranches.

For this we should develop a campaign that shows the immense damage that unrestrained meat production is causing globally.
The aim is to get the individual to question the amount and origin of the meat consumed.

„It is very important to us to stop the large-scale deforestation of tropical forests for meat production. We can only achieve this if we make consumers aware of the impact that unrestrained meat consumption has on the environment. That's why we started a campaign that, with its visually stunning motifs, encourages people to reconsider their own behavior.“ 

Fenna Otten




Hungry for destruction

Detailed and photorealistic illustrations, which at first glance tempt with appetizing images, will only reveal their dramatic visual subject matter at second glance. This increases the surprise effect and thus the effect of the motifs.

Robin Wood


IF-Design Award

1x Designpreis 

Cresta Award

2x Silber
1x Bronze 

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