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More than 3 billion paper cups end up in the trash every year in Germany alone.
The premium housewares brand WMF wanted to set a clear example and break new ground with a new, long lasting insulated mug from the WMF IMPULSE line.

WMF - Der WMF Impulse


Your last cup - a small impulse that makes a big difference

By branding disposable cups in coffee shops and bakeries surrounding the top 14 WMF stores and premium mobile ads in the vicinity of all 150 WMF stores, we reached exactly the right target group in their coffee-to-go moment with a very little investment.

Key Facts


wastage of data




sales uplift

"For us, innovation always goes hand in hand with impact, so that we can make a big difference even with small budgets. That's exactly what this case proves."

Alf Moka

Consulting and campaign strategy


Key Takeaways


Small impulse, big effect!



Mobile-based targeting and
activation works.


It's the message and the relevant
impulse that matter.

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Alf Moka
Alf Moka
Let's get in touch!

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