Serviceplan Brussels (House of Communication) is celebrating diversity and sharing it with the world

The Serviceplan Group is an independent advertising agency with roots all over the world. The whole year round, Serviceplan will be highlighting different topics and occasions that are of importance to the people in their agency. In doing so, they strive to encourage their competitors and sparring partners to adopt this state of mind and join them in their efforts. 

As we’re living in a society bursting with diversity, an intricate patchwork of skin tones, ethnicities, cultures, creeds, and beliefs, Serviceplan is proud to see that reflected in their agency, which in Brussels comprises more than 16 nationalities and almost as many languages, a perfect gender balance including in management, an openness to all religions and sexual orientations but also an active appreciation of neurodiversity. Now they want to codify this asset, as they are convinced that it contributes to making the world a better place. Bringing together diverging mindsets, skills and cultural imprints is by far the most effective way of fostering true creativity and enabling major breakthroughs. The campaign is thus part of their consolidation in order to print this fact in their DNA forever. Celebrating each member of the team for exactly who they are, and making that celebration part of their DNA. All the while having fun and enjoying what they do. 

However, Serviceplan is aware that fostering the full potential of their team requires a serious journey of reflection and integration into the deepest structural roots of the agency. Therefore, their campaign is not only a celebration, but an invitation for people inside and outside the agency to join them on their journey into becoming a more inclusive, socially aware agency by learning how to fortify voices, uphold their standards and grow as a company and as human beings.

Part of this process is a collaboration with YIN United, a team of strong and experienced women with a proven track record in growth success through inclusive leadership and the right innovative mindset. Together they will ensure the creation of sustainable, economically successful and fascinating brands for their clients.

Last year, Serviceplan kicked off the Diversity Campaign with F/M/X-mas wishes. We continued 2022 by celebrating new beginnings with Lunar New Year, discussed Black History Month with creatives, showed love and appreciation for each other around Valentine’s Day and are currently working on a video and a podcast short series for International Mother Language Day and International Women’s Rights Day. Stay tuned on what’s next through our website and our social media channels. 

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Chloe Le Garrec
Marketing Manager Serviceplan
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