Serviceplan Health & Life receives the Rx Club Carveth's Way Award


Plan.Net & Serviceplan launch the “Pedigree Oral Care” quiz to make canine dental health entertaining! 

Plan.Net & Serviceplan Belux assisted Mars with the execution of the “Pedigree Oral Care” quiz — an educative campaign for Pedigree’s “Dentastix” brand for their multilingual Swiss, Belgian and Austrian markets. 


The creative team came up with an engaging "knowledge quiz" concept, decorated with AI-powered animations of diverse dogs that play after answering specific questions in the quiz.


Plan.Net, the digital experience, transformation & tech agency of the Serviceplan Group, translated the strategy into a seamless and responsive website, consisting out of a custom animated and experience-driven microsite that captures contest data in HubSpot. They used modern technologies like Vue3, Golang, Postmark and a serverless AWS infrastructure to cater to potential high availability. Plan.Net also conducts a weekly reporting session to the Mars team for evaluation.


This innovative campaign offers participants the opportunity to test their knowledge in a fun and interactive manner, with the chance to win exciting Dentastix prizes for their dogs. The microsite, accessible at (Belgium), (Austria), and (Switzerland), serves as the central hub for the campaign, providing additional information on oral hygiene for their furry friends.


Serviceplan updated the key visuals that were placed on the POS materials for in-store communication, with a tracked QR code that participants can scan on the spot, to participate and win on the microsite.



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