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ALDI and Serviceplan put the spotlight on fresh produce!

Following the success of 2023, ALDI and Serviceplan, in collaboration with their partners Plan.Net (Serviceplan Group), Wavemaker and Boa, are once again joining forces to highlight the quality and wide range of ALDI's fresh produce. The campaign is based on the same concept, but with an even more impactful implementation.

The creative approach was to look for the "Why" behind the statement introduced last year: 9 out of 10 customers buy fresh produce from ALDI. By highlighting the specific reasons behind these customers' choice, the quality - the Belgian origin - the accessibility and the diversity of ALDI's fresh produce range are emphasised.

The concept is presented via a versatile marketing mix with different touchpoints. In addition to three 15-second spots and a 6-second spot, new key visuals have been created for striking outdoor and digital advertising media as well as for print ads. Strategic publications on social networks are also part of the campaign to ensure wide reach and high impact.



Agency : Serviceplan & Plan.Net

Brand: ALDI

Client: ALDI (Marcom team)

Campaign Title: Verscampagne

Art Direction: Bruno Hansen

Copywriting: Tom De Vliegher, Manuel Sarraf

Creative Director: Tony Naudts-Ducène

Designer & DTP : Sylvain Kasprzyk

Motion designer: Bert Landeloos

Account team: Kathleen Driscart, Sharon Lavaert, Alice Simon

Strategy : Steffen Vander Mynsbrugge

HTML designer: Philippe Herman

Digital Project Management: Silke Craenen

Postproduction Company: Red Dust 

Sound Production Company: Sonhouse

Photo production company: Tabas

Photographer: Stanislas Huaux

Postproduction imagery: Jeremy Marchant

Food Styling: Laurie Greco

Media Agency: Wavemaker

Production Company: Red Dust

Post-Producer: Wilson Verstreken

Executive Producer: Sander Claessens

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