How does a website meet many requirements?

The new website needed to reflect the company's high quality standards and serve as a gateway to the company, easily enabling contact with the sales team to generate leads.
The technical challenges of being present on the Chinese market needed a sustainable solution.

„The new website is not only well received by customers and employees, but we are also recording significantly better performance values than before.“

Joachim Maier

Campaign Lead

Uster Technologies


Use the website as an important platform for sales.

Uster’s sales team has recognised the added value of the website and now actively uses it for events, trade fairs and customer visits.
In order to conduct data-based conversations with sales, the existing data is now regularly reviewed and evaluated. A goal-oriented data strategy has been planned in cooperation with sales.

Customers and colleagues from China have given positive feedback throughout. The website is much faster and has therefore become more relevant for daily business.

Uster - Website

Key Takeaways



The customer's demand for quality must be visible on the website and at every touchpoint, be it because of the flawless implementation or the tangible service idea.



As a B2B company, the focus is on establishing contact. The user must be given the opportunity to contact someone at any time, regardless of the medium.



User experience also means responding to unknown local requirements, e.g. poor internet connection in Uzbekistan or Baidu instead of Google in China.

„It is fascinating to experience how the development of a new website can lay the foundation for modern marketing. Lead management and data-driven marketing are just two of the many follow-up topics.“

Rabea Müller

Client Lead


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