What sets this small textile startup apart? 

1500+ harmful chemicals are used in textile production. Textile startup AIZOME has developed a dyeing method that uses only water, plants, and ultrasound, to create textiles that are not only less harmful, but even come with health benefits. In an industry flooded with sustainability claims, how can we highlight the disruptive power of a small startup? 


The proof - even our waste is good for you

Instead of putting out another claim, we provided the ultimate proof. WASTECARE™ - the first skincare product that is industrial wastewater from textile dyeing. 

Crafted as a high-end beauty product, it was shipped out to key opinion leaders in textile, fashion, and healthcare with the goal of forming partnerships to eliminate toxic chemicals in the industry. Using the intimacy and value perception of skincare, we’re proving the company’s commitment to sustainability. 

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Michael May - AIZOME

"We are creating fabrics that are not only free from harm,  but also beneficial to your health."

Michael May

CEO & Co-founder


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Shruthi Subramanian
Shruthi Subramanian
Let's get in touch!

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