Presenting a globally active brand consistently and classically

Since 2017, we have been the lead agency for the entire Lufthansa Group and thus serve one of the world's largest airlines on all channels and touchpoints in terms of production and transcreation in print and digital. From brand consulting and asset production to adaptation and optimization to the final result, we are the steering partner for Lufthansa.

Since Lufthansa operates in 81 markets with more than 20 languages, it is our task to consistently position the Lufthansa brand across all national borders with creative campaigns. At the same time, the different quality standards worldwide must be taken into account and campaigns must be managed and implemented in a cost-reducing manner.



Unification and adaptation of campaigns

The key to consistency and efficiency: all campaigns and advertising materials, whether digital or offline, go through a continuous process of adaptation and transcreation with us. We keep track of all markets and language regions and adapt Lufthansa's assets based on predefined guidelines from the areas of corporate identity and design as well as UX/UI specifications. Lufthansa can also count on our expertise in the areas of web development and hosting, automated banner production, content management, and the execution of all print materials and promotional activities. Our mission is to continuously develop and create to provide the best experience for Lufthansa Group customers. In all our projects, we work with all participating agencies and partners throughout the Lufthansa organization to ensure brand consistency worldwide.

For a centralized implementation of all communicative measures, we have defined specific workflows together with the airline to simplify production processes and specific adjustments. The central DAM system Pixels enables Lufthansa to enforce the uniform quality standards and thus play out campaigns at the highest qualitative and most (cost-) efficient level.

Key Facts


with more than 20 languages


increase in efficiency



"We are proud to support Lufthansa since 2017 as an international decoupling partner in asset production for digital and classic advertising media. Our work here includes both ATL and BTL measures in the B2B and B2C sectors."

Pascal Lüllemann

Account Lead for Lufthansa


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Pascal Lüllemann
Pascal Lüllemann
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