Placing MINI on the pulse of time

Since 1959, MINI has stood true to its roots - with a minimalist, iconic and ageless design built with one goal in mind: to get the most out of the minimum amount of space. Today, a MINI means more than that. All automobiles are packed with the latest driver assistance systems as well as safety and comfort features. How can MINI demonstrate that the brand stands not only for a good design but also for technical innovation?

"There is always a way to reduce what you see and at the same time strengthen the concept. MINImalism is an impressive lesson in how to make use of positive and negative space, turning rather complex automotive features self-explanatory so that the brand is distinctive."

Tudor-Ionel Cucu

Creative concept & design of campaign motifs



A new design language without words

Designed with the idea in mind of combining the complex technology of modern automobile features and assistants with the minimalist and ageless design language of a MINI, the feature communication MINImalism was developed. The design language is based on the wings of the MINI logo and presents the new technical features and assistants as simply and iconically as the car itself.

The motifs of the MINImalism campaign could be marvelled at near MINI's AGMC showroom, the Motor City and Shiek Zayed Road in Dubai. In addition to the out-of-home placement, versatile design elements were also published in print media. 

Key Takeaways


Do what only your brand can do.


Advertising has a tendency to explain
too much.
Less can be more.


A virtue out of necessity!
Great ideas need no great budgets.


ADC DE Award

2x Gold
7x Silber
2x Bronze
2x Shortlist

CLIO Award

1x Silber
1x Bronze
1x Shortlist

Cannes Lion Award

1x Gold
2x Bronze
3x Shortlist


LIA Award

3x Silber
3x Bronze

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Tudor Cucu
Tudor-Ionel Cucu
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