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Back as European lead agency: Ehrmann and Mediaplus start out with a new agency model 

From January 1st, the Mediaplus Group will once again be responsible for the media activities of the Ehrmann family dairy. In addition to the German market, Mediaplus will become the new lead agency in numerous European markets. With a new full-thinking approach, Mediaplus takes over the orchestration and management of all communication disciplines - and instruments.

Munich, 6th of December 2023 —Welcome back, Ehrmann! After a two-year hiatus, the family dairy returns to Mediaplus. As lead agency, Mediaplus will be in full control of the newly created and integrated agency model in the House of Communication from January onwards, which also includes Ehrmann’s collaboration with Serviceplan and Plan.Net. To this end, Mediaplus and Ehrmann have developed a completely new agency model: Full-thinking instead of full service. A leadership team with specially defined customer and consumer managers headed by Barbara Evans takes over the comprehensive strategy development and orchestration of the individual business areas. The customer manager will manage the entire agency set-up across all countries and service providers in close collaboration with the Ehrmann team. The consumer manager has an ear to the market and is responsible for the strategy and further development of the brand and the communication strategy on the agency side. In addition to Germany, the mandate includes other countries such as the United Kingdom, Portugal, Austria, Poland, the Czech Republic, Finland, Sweden and the Netherlands.

"We have decided to bring Mediaplus back to our side, a partner who impresses with great professional expertise, but above all is able to combine all the forces in the House of Communication to provide us with holistic advice and active support. The agency model developed especially for us will speed up our decision-making processes – and this is exactly what we need to do with a view to the future", says Gunther Wanner, Global Marketing Director at Ehrmann SE.

The current framework conditions are challenging: competition in the dairy products market is strong, the spiral of innovation and product diversification is turning faster, and we face increasing complexity in the media and the addressing of target groups. Anyone who wants to be innovative, fast and successful in the future must be able to build on organisational efficiency. This is why Ehrmann has decided to hand over all responsibility for the media budget and the agency set-up to Mediaplus. The full thinking approach is intended to simplify coordination processes and significantly shorten reaction times towards consumers and also between the individual disciplines.

Barbara Evans, Managing Partner Mediaplus, explains: "Our agency model of the future for Ehrmann is individually tailored and thoroughly integrated. Integrated working has always been a central principle in the House of Communication. That’s why we’re all the more pleased to work at full power with Serviceplan, Plan.Net and hmmh to ensure that Ehrmann gets a big step closer to the realisation of its vision. But full-thinking is much more than full service. It means anticipating and considering every single detail outside the box of one’s own business and developing solutions that take future market developments into account hand in hand with the customer. The prerequisite for this is that all parties involved share a common understanding and a common culture based on the same values and principles."

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