Pushing the boundaries beyond what is possible

To make a lifelong dream become reality, you need the perfect partners by your side. This was also the story of Red Bull athlete Dario Costa, who not only explored the limits of what is possible but also inspired a global audience with his project: By becoming the first person to ever pilot an aeroplane through a tunnel.

While speed enthusiast Dario Costa and Red Bull tackled the project with exceptional passion, the partners BMW M and luxury watchmaker Hamilton ultimately transformed his vision into five world records.

"I asked for a 360° video that would be shot at eye-level to simulate the speed and acceleration of the flight and properly prepare myself. The BMW X6 M was simply a perfect fit to meet all these requirements."

Dario Costa


Red-Bull-Athlet Dario Costa


Achieving the goal with the perfect partners

After selecting the Catalca Tunnel nearby Istanbul as the site, an uncompromising preparatory phase followed, during which Dario was able to minimize his reaction time to 0.25 seconds in a 14-month training period.

Together with partner Hamilton, a special watch was designed, whose dial could be removed and mounted on the console. This kept Dario's eyes focused on the mission while maintaining key timing considerations. BMW M was responsible for the high-speed training. A 360-degree camera on a car roof, installed exactly at Dario's eye level during the flight, enabled him to train over 1,000 times using virtual reality.

Dario's successful tunnel flight not only set five unprecedented World Records, but quickly became viral and attracted global media coverage on TV, in print and on the web. The first video Red Bull posted on social media was viewed more than 5 million times.
The brand partners also benefited: BMW M leveraged exclusive content from the Tunnel Pass for further storytelling around the M Series. And the luxury watch, designed together with brand partner Hamilton and limited to 100 pieces, sold out within minutes.

"With The Tunnel Pass Project, the collaboration of several agencies in the House of Communication has succeeded in launching an absolutely exceptional project. We are proud of having been able to stand by Red Bull Athlete Dario Costa on his inspirational journey, which ultimately resulted in the breaking of five World Records. Dario brought the necessary willpower and determination, while we brought just the right brand partners on board to train him for the seemingly impossible in ideal conditions. The rest is aviation history - and brand integration at a completely new altitude."

Christian Hellinger


Key Takeaways


Real partners are more than just a sponsor.
Real partners add value for all involved!


Brand partnerships make it possible to
experience brands.


Creative, but above all authentic integration
leads to success.

"The Tunnel Pass Project is a spectacular example of how brands can add value to everyone involved through collaborations. For example, the targeted product placements not only facilitated the success of the World Record stunt but also achieved exorbitant media value."

Alexander Strelec

The concept of the exceptional project and the partner acquisition



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