Even if the quality of the search return varies, consumers initially consult online before making purchases on the web. 

Technology and design requirements are changing as quickly as user behavior. In this highly complex digital environment, in addition to competing for clicks and reach, brands and businesses must also compete for relevance and making an impact. We provide your business with data-based advice and consistently optimize your performance marketing to successfully activate your target groups and create compelling buying experiences.

For short-term and sustained performance success

Performance marketing takes a holistic approach to the online marketing mix to create successful brand and sales communications. Whether through paid placement or organic activation, our performance experts pave the way for users to your website. Our combined expertise, including  specialists from Affiliate Marketing, Search Engine Marketing and Optimization, Performance Display, Programmatic and Social Media Marketing, ensures you get the most out of your digital marketing.


Performance Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Benefit from cross-channel synergy effects with strong partners.

CMO Decision Model

Smart control meets business growth. Identify the connection between media investment and campaign success.

Social Commerce

Strong buying experiences at low cost. From product discovery to final checkout.


Feed Management Operations

Optimize your product data with automated processes.

Paid Search (SEA)

Unleash the full potential of the search engine funnel.

Dynamic Ads & Content

Increase your advertising success sustainably with dynamic, user-specific advertising media and content.

360° Full Funnel Marketing

Performance along the entire customer journey. From effective reach to efficient conversion.

D2C Scale

Give your D2C business the decisive boost to achieve your sales targets.

B2B Lead Management

More sales and sustainable growth with qualified B2B leads.

Performance Consulting

Consulting for your digital end-to-end of digital brand media, content and performance marketing.

Data Driven Marketing

Make informed, KPI-based decisions and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your actions.

Search Engine Optimization

Help your website gain organic visibility and reach.

""Performance marketing is the most agile form of marketing – Build the plane while flying."

Eva Adelsgruber




The WMF Impulse

With mobile occasion and geo-based targeting, we fight against polluting paper cups.


Shoes GmbH

For more visibility in target groups: LLOYD Shoes undergoes digital rejuvenation.

Need anything else? 

Need anything else? 

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Eva Adelsgruber
Eva Adelsgruber
Serviceplan Group
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