Technology makes your company more efficient and data makes your decisions more solid when they are used correctly. The challenge is finding the right setup for your specific business, which also considers the volume of data, diverse platforms, and multitude of different tools and applications.

Success built on the right technology consulting support

Optimize your business with information systems that support decision-making, and innovative technology solutions that boost business growth.  Our comprehensive consulting services enable you to maximize your business potential,  elevate your status and plan for the future. Our extensive experience in implementing new data and technology, ensures you get the best advice for your business. Trust our expert know-how to find tailored solutions to digitize your business processes, and make them more efficient. Gain expert advice and support in:

  1. Data analysis: We use advanced analytical tools and technologies to collect, organize and analyze your data to enable you to make informed business decisions.
  2. Technology strategy: We identify which platform is right for your specific business needs. Our solid business advice is backed by our expertise in CRM platforms, Customer Data Platforms (CDP), Product Information Management (PIM) and eCommerce systems. We work with you to  develop a tailored technology strategy and targeted digital architecture that aligns with your business goals to provide the best return on your IT investment.
  3. Cloud solutions: We enable you to take full advantage of cloud technology while simultaneously upholding the highest security standards, across public, private or hybrid domains.
  4. Business Intelligence: We help you select the best business intelligence systems to provide a thorough understanding of your customer interactions and business processes.
  5. Artificial Intelligence: We use our expertise in selecting and implementing AI technologies, to enable you to efficiently automate business processes and optimize customer experience.

Complying with data protection and creating trust

Meet all legal requirements and ensure high-level data security with our data protection and compliance support. In addition to identifying risks and developing bespoke solutions, we also help build stronger relationships and boost customer and business partner trust.


Data & Technology Consulting

Data & Technology Strategy & Architecture

Future-proof your data systems and tech stack.

Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence

Enable AI to support data analysis.

Data Privacy & Regulatory Compliance

Stay safe when it comes to compliance and data protection policies.

Data & Technology Audit & Platform Selection

Find the right data platforms for your business.

"Competitive advantages do not result from merely introducing innovative technologies to your business. Aligning innovative technology with your real operational strategy is the way to create long-term sustainable success. And this is exactly where our holistic consulting services step in to make all the difference."

Michael Rau


Sika - Beyond the Expected


Beyond the Expected

Crossing boundaries and exceeding expectations. Specialty chemicals company Sika translates achievement into a 360° campaign, adaptable worldwide.

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