Making the change in the working world visible

Our world is currently in a time of great change. This change is also happening in the working world. LinkedIn encourages people to stand up for the issues that mean a lot to them and which they would like to change in the working world. However, setting up a stage for changemakers and fostering this dialogue on their own platform is not enough for LinkedIn.


Achieving change with art

As part of the Changemaker campaign, LinkedIn is launching #ConversationsForChange in real life. Featuring artists who are also engaged in change efforts. Art has always reflected current social change. Thus, a collective artwork was created at the Sony Center in Berlin as a symbol for this change. Only artists who are advocating change topics such as diversity, LGBTQ+, equality, mental health, sustainability or social inclusion were selected. The artwork, consisting of two-metre letters forming the word CHANGE, represents one of these themes.

The stimulated dialogue about the artwork and the portrayed topics led to new connections and a strong message back to the digital world. Well-known influencers supported the campaign on-site and on social media. This brought a lot of attention to the real platform in the digital sphere and inspired people to participate in the discussion about change.

Key Facts


higher Instagram engagement rate


higher TikTok engagement rate

"We are living in an age of change. Unimagined opportunities also arise in the working world by actively shaping topics such as diversity or sustainability. LinkedIn puts these opportunities on stage and makes people feel motivated to take action themselves - for a better working world.

Matthias Reißl

Implementation and co-development of the strategy as General Manager


Key Takeaways


Art unites people and provokes discussion.


Advertising is also allowed to address socially
controversial topics.

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Matthias Reissl
Matthias Reißl
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