of the 767 CMOs surveyed within the CMO Barometer see AI as the most important marketing topic in 2024*


of respondents describe AI as very important or even critical for companies**


of the specialists surveyed state that artificial intelligence will change their own company within the next three years**

* Serviceplan Group, CMO Barometer, Results of the survey of 767 CMOs on the most important marketing topics in 2024
** Deloitte, State of AI in the Enterprise - 3rd Edition, results of the survey of 200 AI experts on artificial intelligence in German companies



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Upgrade your campaign emotionally with the support of AI

Andreas Liebl

"Generative AI will have a significant impact on us over the next few years, enabling us to create content on the fly and generate more interaction with consumers that we never had before." 

Dr. Andreas Liebl

Keynote Speaker Innovation Day 2023

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