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The House of Communication is a place where the foundation is a shared passion and vision. Where every idea is given the space it needs. Where the doors of the management are open to all colleagues. Where no idea is too far out on a limb. Where a wide variety of people, disciplines, cultures, talents and technologies come together under one roof and exchange ideas - both in-house and internationally within the group. Where you can work on site or from your own four walls, part-time or full-time. A place where your heart is at home because you feel at ease and where work colleagues become favorite people. A place where you too can move into professionally. Apply now - your "roommates" are already looking forward to meeting you! 

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We believe that innovation and creativity flourish through collaboration. We believe in cohesion, brainstorming, short distances and uncomplicated exchange and fun in the office. But we also believe in peace, privacy and concentration in the home office. In a better work-life balance through a balanced mix. That's why we can spend up to 50% of our working time in the home office. And we also have something for those who need a change of scenery. Namely our mobile office offer, which allows you to work from abroad for up to eight weeks a year. Since 2022, we have been redesigning and redefining the professional home of the future and offering the right spaces for concentrated work, as well as for integrated teamwork, phone calls or quick exchanges. 


We are very good at many things, but not quite as good at others. However, it is important to us that we are not satisfied with this. We are constantly striving to develop and train ourselves further. That's why we enable all our colleagues to take part in an extensive range of further training courses. Whether internally or externally - as a seminar, eBook, lecture or festival. We are inspired, change perspectives, challenge ourselves and remain curious and inquisitive. 

We are convinced that celebrating together strengthens team cohesion. From the classic after-work beer to the annual joint ski trip or our team event at Lake Wolfgang: our events have cult status.


A house is only a home when everyone feels comfortable in it. This also applies to a professional home. That's why we have a culture of appreciation, respect and support. A state that offers the right conditions for everyone to develop their full potential. We believe in the added value that diversity brings. Regardless of ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, social class, physical abilities or characteristics, religious or ethical value systems, national origin, and much more. Our doors are open to all people, because we believe that only exchange and diversity make us better. And we are working on this at various levels. Be it with further training and events on the topic, with specific measures or through the DE&I Taskforce exchange in our company.

Further information can be found on our DE&I page.

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We treat each other as equals, it doesn't work by "you". We have flat hierarchies, like quick decisions and talk to each other, not against the wall. We like good ideas anyway - no matter who they come from. We like it when someone is spontaneous and flexible, but also dares to take a long-term view of the future at the annual meeting and sets themselves goals. We welcome new "flatmates" with various onboarding offers and promote networking within the international group. We like to drink spritzers, but also accept beer and especially gin and tonic. We have a variety of internal formats for brainstorming or simply getting to know each other better. We ask for feedback and employee satisfaction - and don't let the feedback disappear into a drawer. We like to eat freshly cooked food from Lukas and crunchy food from BioFerdl. We like to do sports together with myclubs - some more, some less and some not at all. In any case, we accept each other for who we are and support each other in becoming who we want to be. 

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