Building Best Brands through ÜberCreativity

When different disciplines, cultures, talents, technologies and media interact and inspire each other, overall concepts are created for outstanding campaigns that work across all channels. Our "House of Communication" concept unites creativity, media and technology under one roof.


In line with the vision of "Building Best Brands", all Serviceplan agencies focus on this integrated way of thinking and working and manage the creative process and all interdisciplinary services from their respective core discipline. Serviceplan is one of the top creative brands worldwide, Wien Nord Serviceplan is one of the most creative agencies in Austria.


Our aim is to be absolutely flexible and agile. Fully tailored to the individual needs of our clients, but always 100 percent integrated. 

Alex Schill

"Every Big Idea becomes stronger when it is conceived from diverse perspectives, by diverse teams and from different areas of expertise. This allows a unique, higher form of innovation to emerge, which we call ÜberCreativity. And we live it every day."

Christian Hellinger

Managing Partner, Wien Nord Serviceplan

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