House of Communication Locations

Our Houses of Communication are characterized by the integrated offering of several service areas.

The combination of strategy & consulting, creative & content, media & data and platform & technology enables individual solutions for every challenge.

Coupled with deep expertise and passion, we are at your side as a reliable partner at the following locations:


Office Locations

Our deep understanding of respective markets and regional differences creates  more agility, increased efficiency and ultimately greater growth. To deliver maximum value for our clients, we offer additional office locations in the following cities:


Hinterm Sielhof 24

28277 Bremen



Bahnhofstraße 2

90402 Nuremberg



Quai Arloing 37/38 

69009 Lyons



Huschbergerstr. 10

40212 Düsseldorf



Jakob-Latscha-Str. 3

60314 Frankfurt am Main


Near- and Offshore

Our worldwide near and offshore locations

To best serve the growth potential of the digital market,
we expanded our nearshore and offshore activities to support our global delivery capabilities.

We now have teams offering different services in the following offices:

Partner Locations

Our worldwide partner locations

As part of our internationalization, we have built a strong network of partner agencies. We now have a presence in the most important global economic centers in 34 countries worldwide. In the UK, we have a close relationship with the agency Unlimited Group. In Latin America, we work together with our partner Ariadna. In the Asian region, we collaborate with Japan's second largest agency Hakuhodo. Since 2021, Serviceplan Group has formed a global strategic alliance together with Stagwell.

Our partners are based in the following locations:


Japan, South Asia,

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