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"Such a pleasure can only be found in Burgenland": Wien Nord Serviceplan designs another campaign with Nicholas Ofczarek.

In "Burgenländische Gustostücke", the celebrated stage and TV actor once again takes on the role of brand ambassador and gives the colorful culinary diversity and the finest wines of the regions a magnificent scenic stage.


From the expansive north to the sunny center to the historic south: each of the three Burgenland regions is unique in its own right and has its own typical character. What they all have in common is the breathtaking landscape, characterized by rolling hills, picturesque vineyards, the endless expanse of Lake Neusiedl and culinary diversity. With these ingredients - and for the second time with the character actor Nicholas Ofczarek as the protagonist - Wien Nord Serviceplan designed this year's fall campaign for Burgenland Tourism and the sunny side of Austria.


Kurt Kaiser, CMO of Burgenland Tourismus, on the renewed collaboration with one of Austria's best-known actors: "Nicholas Ofczarek was already convincing last year in "The Wines of Burgenland" and set the bar very high for this year's sequel with his multi-award-winning campaign. We are certain that with Nicholas Ofczarek's acting strength in the "Gustostücke" series, we have achieved something that will fulfill our strategic goals and objectives and, in combination with our diverse marketing measures, will inspire even more visitors to spend their vacations in Burgenland."


"I believe that in times like these, it is important to leave the audience room for imagination. You can't serve the audience everything ready-made. That's not often the case in advertising, but I think it pays off. Behind this production is a team full of professionals at every level, so it's fun to work with and I hope the results are well received," adds Burgenland actor, TV and cinema star Nicholas Ofczarek about his role in the new Burgenland campaign.


In it, exceptional actor Ofczarek turns Burgenland into a stage on which he performs his "tasty pieces". All it takes is a beautiful natural backdrop in northern, central and southern Burgenland. Embedded in all four films is a richly laid table with culinary delicacies as well as the best wines of the respective region and Nicholas, who uses various genres in his acting - whether with indulgent gentleness, intimate longing or raging with greedy passion, he indulges in the many different forms of enjoyment. And there are plenty of culinary delights for all these facets, because: there's simply no pleasure like it!


"The challenge of the campaign was not only to give our main character the necessary freedom to shine, but of course also to give the landscape and enjoyment space and time. And of course we succeeded in doing this in the four spots in a very characterful and unseen way thanks to the great Nicholas Ofczarek," says Stefan Grgic, Creative Director Wien Nord Serviceplan.


Wien Nord Serviceplan Creative Director Christian Hellinger adds: "Enjoyment has many facets. From the finest gourmet cuisine to down-to-earth snacks. From the subtle gourmet to the ravenous gourmet. Nicholas Ofczarek manages to give the different forms of enjoyment a face and a voice with just a few words. And Burgenland itself is an equally complex supporting actor."


The second campaign with the "Der Pass" series star was also realized in collaboration with director Tessa Kadletz, film production company Das Rund and photographer Felix Vratny. Filming took place on magnificent "natural stages": Am Steg in Mörbisch, at the Zicklacke in Illmitz, the Donautuskapelle in Neckenmarkt and Schlaining Castle in Stadtschlaining. For the culinary staging, the respective top restaurants in the area coordinated with their own culinary supervisor. Typical regional delicacies were served, such as bean and potato stew, roast pike-perch, braised red wine roast, goose breast, Dobo cake and Ilonka slices. Some of these were freshly prepared on set and perfectly staged by a food stylist.


Director Tessa Kadletz on her time on set: "I learned a lot about the diverse Burgenland and the great Nicholas Ofczarek during the shoot. My biggest learning, however: 4 pieces of Dobo cake are definitely too much."


The "Burgenland delights" celebrated their debut on September 18 during a press event at Filmhaus Wien and are now running in Austria and Germany on TV, radio, digital, social media, print, in special advertising formats and on analog and digital outdoor advertising formats. 


Agency: Wien Nord Serviceplan

Production: Das Rund

Sound design: Blautöne Media GmbH

Director: Tessa Kadletz

Photos: Felix Vratny Felix Vratny

Media agency: Mediaplus Austria

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