„A Few Degrees More“ Awards


1x silver and 2x bronze for Wien Nord Serviceplan with "A Few Degrees More" at the Golden Drum Awards

Vienna/ Portorož, October 11. Wien Nord Serviceplan was the only agency in Austria to take home three of the coveted awards for "A Few Degrees More" for the Leopold Museum at the internationally renowned Golden Drum Festival yesterday.


From March 22 to June 26, world-famous landscape paintings by artists such as Gustave Courbet, Tina Blau-Lang, Gustav Klimt, Koloman Moser and Egon Schiele hung askew in the Leopold Museum. This was deliberately done as part of the intervention under the cautionary motto: "A Few Degrees More (will turn the world into an uncomfortable place)" to draw attention to the dramatic effects of global warming in the wake of climate change. In cooperation with the climate research network CCCA (Climate Change Centre Austria), the landscape art in the collection was tilted by the exact degree by which temperatures in the areas shown, such as the Attersee region, the foothills of the Alps or the Atlantic coast, will rise if far-reaching countermeasures are not taken in time.


The extraordinary concept of the Viennese creative agency also impressed the juries in Portoroz. At the Golden Drum Festival 2023 on October 10, "A Few Degrees More" not only won silver in the "OUT OF HOME (OOH), Ambient & Experiential" category, but also two bronze awards in the "CREATIVE USE OF MEDIA, Ambient Media" and "EXCELLENCE IN MEDIA, Use of Low/Small Budget" categories. In addition, the attention-grabbing crossover of art and climate was shortlisted in the category "SPORTS, POP CULTURE & ART, Art". 

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