ADEG – Weihnachten mit dem ganzen Ort


ADEG - Christmas with the whole town

The Austria-wide campaign highlights the special role played by regionally based ADEG retailers in the run-up to Christmas.


Deeply rooted in their regions, no one knows people's needs at the most contemplative time of the year better than ADEG retailers. Throughout December, they provide everything you need to shop for an atmospheric Advent and for the coming holidays and guarantee the best local quality at the Christmas table with their regional range - peppered with many home-made products. They also help their customers prepare for Christmas with deliveries to their doorstep or ready-made festive platters, ensuring that everyone in the village can enjoy the festive season the way they want to. And because everyone has something from them on their tables, the merchants somehow celebrate Christmas with the whole town.


We have been telling this story on behalf of all regionally anchored ADEG merchants with merchant Bernadette Himmelbauer from Upper Austria across all channels since November 23, 2023 on TV, in print media, at the POS and on digital channels. 

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