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Austria's youngest ski instructor: Three-year-old Charlotte becomes a TikTok star for Österreich Werbung with 50 million views.

Austria's youngest ski instructor: Three-year-old Charlotte becomes a TikTok star for Österreich Werbung with 50 million views.

In Austria, it is said that some children can ski before they learn to walk. Austrian advertising is picking up on this stereotype and making three-year-old Charlotte the testimonial for a new social media campaign. As "Austria's Youngest Ski Instructor", she teaches adults how to ski - and is a resounding success on TikTok and Instagram with 50 million views.

Just in time for the next peak of the winter season during the semester break, the Austrian National Tourist Office has launched an extraordinary social media campaign. The testimonial is three-year-old Charlotte, who, as "Austria's Youngest Ski Instructor", explains everything you need to know about skiing and everything else on the slopes in more than 15 short video episodes.

"With this content series, we want to show with a twinkle in our eye what makes winter in Austria so special. Spending time together with the family, having fun in the snow, enjoying culinary highlights at the hut ... Charlotte conveys this with so much charm and authenticity! The fact that three-year-olds are already on skis here also underlines Austria's expertise when it comes to winter vacations," says Astrid Steharnig-Staudinger, Managing Director of the Austrian National Tourist Office.

50 million views on TikTok and Instagram

Sometimes Charlotte leads a group of adults on a plough turn, sometimes she gives safety tips and sometimes we see her stopping for a bite to eat - because the obligatory yeast dumpling at the hut is simply part of a perfect day's skiing. The social media campaign is being played out on the TikTok and Instagram platforms, with a focus on the German, Swiss, British, Czech, Polish, Dutch, Belgian, Swedish and Danish markets.

Since the campaign launch in mid-January 2024, the videos have achieved 29 million views on TikTok and 21 million views on Instagram (as at the end of January). The campaign was implemented by Österreich Werbung together with ÖW lead agency Wien Nord Serviceplan in cooperation with the Hong agency and film production company SOVISO. "At the end of the day, it's about conveying joy," add Axel Spendlingwimmer and Michael Maier, the lead creative team behind the case. "This applies to winter vacations in Austria and to advertising in general. Little Charlotte has shown us all that it's all about simply having fun."

All videos with Charlotte are available on the official TikTok channel of Austrian National Tourist Office and the Instagram account of Austrian National Tourist Office.



Kunde: Österreich Werbung
Kreativagentur: Wien Nord Serviceplan
Chief Creative Officer: Christian Hellinger
Creative Director: Axel Spendlingwimmer
Concept & Copywriting: Michael Maier
Account Director: Stephanie Lechner
Account Manager: Jennifer Spanring
Video Produktion: SOVISO Filmproduktion OG
Media Agency: dentsu X

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