Make De'Longhi known worldwide for its perfect coffee artistry

De'Longhi is a true global player and a world-leading brand in the field of fully automatic coffee machines in over 40 countries. In addition to growth in market share and sales, De'Longhi also wanted to position itself as a true expert in enjoyment and quality, in the "world of coffee". 

But how do you simultaneously address multiple countries and an abundance of different coffee cultures – and position De'Longhi as an expert for each individual region and preference?

“The launch of the De'Longhi Perfetto campaign created an incredible boost to our brand awareness, perception and appeal. Thanks to the campaign, we became known to more consumers as the #1 brand. We moved from being a functional brand to being a highly desirable brand and won the hearts and minds of consumers worldwide.”

Marco Cavallaro

Group Trade Marketing & Media Director



Create emotional and transnational communication

In order to express the "perfect" quality of coffee in over 40 countries, where De'Longhi is present, the campaigns motto was to "Democratize perfetto" - democratize perfect coffee and make it accessible for everyone. The campaign focused on an emotional approach, moving away from pure product communication.  Brand ambassador Brad Pitt supported the new De'Longhi campaign to make coffee just  as world-famous and popular as him.

Our media strategy created an internationally connected, yet individual roll-out across all countries. The campaign was launched globally with a dominant video advertising strategy and complemented with numerous country-specific Out Of Home special ad implementations.

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"Rolling out a truly global campaign for such an iconic brand and ambassador requires the perfect combination of central strategy steering and local planning excellence. By putting our data-driven thinking at the core of our strategy, we’ve been able to deliver the required level of excellence."

Michael Knežević

Global Client Lead & Overall Strategy & Operations Supervision on all brands of De‘Longhi


Key Takeaways


Simultaneous TV flights and online activity had a
strong impact on organic search.


Central coordination, combined with local expertise,
can take global campaign success to the next level.

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