Technology evolves daily; new devices and platforms appear and customer needs and requirements change. And all of this creates strong competition in the commerce industry. Whether B2B or B2C, companies that stand still lose.

Online and offline interacting intelligently

We work with you to develop a Connected Commerce strategy, tailored to your specific business needs. Whenever, wherever and across all devices, we aim to align e-commerce and digital services with your retail offering. As a result, your customers benefit from an optimized shopping experience and your business benefits from increased shopping basket transactions. Our interdisciplinary teams provide e-commerce architecture advice, conceive and design various interfaces, and also implement new technical components and software solutions. As a result, your brand is able to provide cross-business intelligent solutions that support a seamless customer journey, and maximize customer loyalty.

Use the potential of your digital business

From websites, portals and online stores to the development of interfaces, mobile applications and landing pages - as well as the digital management of your product information, we implement your omnichannel commerce tailored to your individual business requirements. And we also continually monitor your technical requirements and organizational structures to ensure that your processes remain as lean and your resources are used as efficiently.


Commerce Platforms

E-Commerce Infrastructures

Create and operate your e-commerce infrastructure.

PIM Systems

Manage your product and assortment information digitally and efficiently.

Loyalty Solutions

Turn your customers into fans.

Omnichannel Commerce

Connect your customer touchpoints in a meaningful and targeted way.

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Melissa Bekaert
Melissa Bekaert
General Manager Plan.Net BeLux
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