Shifting demand away from core business

In 2021, the LLOYD Shoes brand faced a major challenge.
The pandemic meant there were fewer occasions to wear high-quality men's leather shoes - LLOYD's core business.
This represents a significant risk for the company. In addition, competitors such as major retailers and shoe brands are investing heavily in online business.  

The aim is therefore to efficiently market new product segments, such as women's shoes or sneakers, which were not previously associated with LLOYD, to new customer segments. In doing so, the aim is to achieve a significant and economical increase in sales in the store.

" Performance is the reliable partner for us to manage performance marketing holistically and to generate the necessary and valuable traffic for our online store despite various challenges, such as increasing competition and new cookie guidelines. In this way, we have been able to achieve continuous and profitable growth in recent years."

Philip Stratmann

Head of Onlineshop

LLOYD Shoes Retail GmbH

"With a smart and integrated data approach, we continuously increase LLOYD Shoes' store sales. We link user, product and conversion data across platforms and channels and pay off on multi-layered business goals. We are pleased to support LLOYD Shoes, a customer with an affinity for innovation, with whom we are developing the digital maturity level step by step and continuing to grow year after year."

Michael Neuner



Digital transformation for an optimized brand presence

Full-funnel approach: In order to address new target group segments, animated and static advertising materials were created for the upper funnel, which were primarily intended to generate awareness. By using the complete Google cosmos, as well as affiliate programs, the new target group was successfully activated.  

Due to the data-based optimizations across all touchpoints, the number of conversions and thus sales increased significantly. Furthermore, awareness was created for product segments such as women's shoes and sneakers.

Key Facts


increase in total store
sales compared with
the previous year


increase in sales in the
sneaker product segment
compared to the previous


increase in new users
compared to the previous

"LLOYD Shoes has proven that the courage to innovate pays off. They have recognized that the classic customer journey no longer exists, as touchpoints have become more diverse and variable and customers need to be reached where they are. Whether they're reading the latest news or watching their favorite show."

Eike Elbers


Key Takeaways


Have courage and go new ways.


Don't just look at individual measures,
but see the big picture.


Marketing is always changing.

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Eike Elbers
Eike Elbers
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