Sharpening the brand profile

How can a global specialty chemicals group with 100 subsidiaries achieve a coherent image and simultaneously address the specific communication needs of its multi-layered stakeholders?

This was the question Sika AG posed. The global company faced the challenge of sharpening its brand profile, positioning in key markets, and public image. 

Sustainability is making inroads in the construction industry and Sika is committed to sustainable construction as well as sustainable transportation. The company is making important contributions to solve customers, environmental and societal challenges. But their contributions needed to be communicated on a global level.

"In collaboration with the agency Serviceplan Suisse, we have created a dynamic image campaign that is both diverse and consistent by actively integrating target markets, reference projects as well as the more than 27,000 Sika employees."

Dominik Slappnig

Head Corporate Communications & Investor Relations

Sika AG



Communication that exceeds all expectations

The 360° campaign "Beyond the Expected" was able to define Sika’s uniform brand strategy. It resulted in consistent communication across all channels and country borders. 

Via this new campaign, Sika was able to underline its motto "Building Trust" and position  itself as an innovator in construction and in the wider industry. Their brand image is now synonymous with delivering results that exceed all expectations and positively impact  the environment.

The impactful campaign visibly translates into 520 new key visuals that can now be used and adapted in a modular way. This gives them the freedom to combine elements for different topics, regions and target groups. The text mechanics also work for a wide variety of messages and can be easily translated into all languages.
Within the Toolbox, a central online database, templates, assets and guidelines are now available to Sika employees, empowering them to create their own advertising materials, tailored to their individual requirements.

The 27,000+ global employees can become part of the campaign using the Beyond App. In the app, they are able to create personalized images by combining a photo of themselves with an image of a Sika project they worked on. This creates a relatable,  diverse yet consistent brand presence for Sika around the world.

Key Facts


net reach in the target group





"The modern approach we’ve developed demonstrates how green products can give potential Sika customers a competitive edge. Best of all, the modular design allows the concept to be used for all kinds of topics, regions, languages and target groups."

Peter Schäfer

Strategy development and conception


Key Takeaways


Make the brand promise the core
of communication.



Make global communication


Include employees in the
brand experience.

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