Are you looking for holistic event concepts for trade fairs, press conferences and interviews, and points of interest or virtual spaces? By linking physical and digital reality, we create experiences that bring your brand and products to life. Our versatile teams at our Houses of Communication can translate your communications into engaging content for the phygital brand space. We create event experiences that fascinate your customers and inspire lasting loyalty.

Full service: From event concepts to event organizing - and follow-up

Your business will also benefit from our expertise in technical and architectural planning, event organizing as well as associated content production and on-site support. Transform your corporate event into a high-end, engaging experience that guests remember for a long time.

Whether it’s virtual test drives, interactive websites, or captivating presentations using augmented reality, we can help. We’ll work with you to take your web or app-based product presentations further to become emotional, engaging highlights. And thanks to innovative technologies, you can  connect with people worldwide to present your events live, without restrictions on the number of participants, location, or time.


Our work


The Rift

Penny - Der Riss


Mind The Gap

BVG Mind the Gap


Museum of Sound

BMW Museum of Sound

Meter Group

Meltdown Flags

Meter Group - Meltdown Flags

Meter Group

Made in Fukushima

Meter Group - Made in Fukushima


The House of Dreams

L'Officiel - The House of Dreams

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Sylvie De Couvreur
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