Making injustice visible

In 2019, around 545,000 Americans were arrested for cannabis-related offences which is almost 10% more than for violent crimes in the same year. Although cannabis has been legalized in many states in the US, the release of those arrested is very slow.
AROYA addresses this injustice with an attention-grabbing product launch.

"Continued criminalization hinders progress and innovation in the cannabis industry. We are countering this with Freedom Grams by bringing industry and consumers together and enabling them to use their own freedom to liberate others."

Christian Hertel

VP Marketing



Use data to raise consumer awareness

With pack sizes in the exact grams that put people in prison, AROYA makes it possible for all consumers to help the detainees. The eye-catching design of Freedom Grams, which focuses on the fate of those affected, and the innovative open-source distribution strategy make the product so successful. All proceeds from sales go towards funding legal steps to liberation.

The idea is to establish Freedom Grams as a long-term platform in the industry's fight against injustice: while consumers generate donations through their purchases, retailers or cannabis growers can use the Freedom Grams label and join the initiative.

Key Facts


online impressions


U.S. dollar Advertisement Value Equivalent (AVE)


growth of the initiative since its launch

"From creative concepts to research, there were many facets to this campaign. The main goal was to create a connection between cannabis users and prisoners so that users can really understand the injustice."

Shruthi Subramanian

Copywriter, creative concept and research


Key Takeaways


Demonstrate social commitment even
on taboo subjects.


Innovative design ideas underline the
impact of a campaign.


Communication can also empower rather than
just inform.


Cannes Lion Award

1x Bronze
4x Shortlist

New York Festival Award

3x Silber
2x Bronze
5x Finalist
1x Shortlist


CLIO Award

1x Grand Clio
1x Silber
1x Shortlist


Eurobest Award

1x Bronze
3x Shortlist


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Shruthi Subramanian
Shruthi Subramanian
Let's get in touch!

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