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Everyone at "Drei" has earned a Christmas bonus this year

In the large-scale campaign by Drei and Wien Nord Serviceplan, small deeds will also be rewarded this Christmas.


Christmas is not only a wonderful time, but also a particularly challenging one for many. That's why everyone at Drei can look forward to a Christmas bonus of up to EUR 150 and top smartphones from EUR 0 this year.

"Across all channels, we are telling a variety of humorous stories about everyday life before Christmas, which will certainly sound familiar to some people and really deserve more appreciation, especially in the most stressful months of the year," explains Sabine Hiemetzberger, Senior Head of Digital, Brands & Communication at Drei.

Together with director Micky Suelzer, a series of commercials were created for use on TV, in cinemas and online. The photo realization was created by Julie Brass and, together with Christmas 3D elements by EAT MY DEAR, provides the basis for the key visuals, which are used across all channels. In collaboration with partner UM PanMedia, bonuses adapted to the medium and target groups will also be used across classic and digital channels throughout Austria - from Out of Home and print to a translation in the display and social area.

"We believe that not only great achievements deserve recognition. That's why, as part of the campaign, we put a humorous spotlight on the little things, the hard failures and the defiance of everyday madness," concludes Georg Rernböck, Creative Director at Wien Nord Serviceplan.

Produktion: Kaiserschnitt Film GmbH

Sound: Blautöne Media GmbH

Regie: Micky Suelzer

Fotos: Julie Brass

Digital Artist: EAT MY DEAR

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Georg Rernböck
Wien Nord Serviceplan
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