From social media to online stores and streaming services, today we’re online at almost anytime, anywhere. Most stages of the customer journey take place digitally – and competition is fierce. If your business wants to be successful, you must  advertise more relevantly, selectively, and efficiently than the competition, and use the best advertising technologies. 

Fully automated, individual, in real time

Using Programmatic Advertising, your digital ad placements are automatically booked, delivered, analyzed, and optimized. Booking and playout are data-based, and personalized within milliseconds. Server-based auction platforms bring together advertising media and advertising space on a data basis to make this possible. The software dynamically adjusts placements by analyzing and serving available advertising spaces according to your target groups and media preferences. The objective is to place only campaigns that match your individual specifications, thereby increasing the speed, type, and return on investment of the campaign at the same time.

Programmatic Advertising

  • …increases your Return on Investment
  • reduces your wastage
  • …personalizes your Customer Approach
  • …uses intelligent solutions

The quality of the data is crucial

The quality of the data your business uses is crucial. The more you know about your target groups, and the more precise the specifications for the purchasing platforms are, the more efficiently your advertising can be placed. Thanks to the standardized processes that include simultaneous  targeting of consumers, Programmatic Advertising is also suitable for smaller and medium-sized budgets.


Programmatic Advertising

First Party Data Strategies & Targeting Approaches

Reach your customers personally and first hand.

Programmatic Media Operations

Deliver your messages individually and automatically.

Programmatic Media Implementation & Governance

Rely on data, relevant content, and meaningful tracking processes.

Contextual Targeting & Native Media Solutions

Reach your target groups where they are.


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