The climate is always on 

We have been PENNY's lead agency for the development and implementation of cross-media 360° campaigns since 2015, which, in addition to brand and image promotion (loyalty, sustainability...), also include different seasonal themes such as Christmas, Easter, New Year's Eve, etc.

It is no secret that the climate crisis is one of the greatest challenges of our time. But how do you fit such a topic into a campaign for stationary retail and still set yourself apart from the much-fought competition?

 „Climate protection is the most important challenge of our time. We are therefore consistently pursuing our climate protection-oriented path in our commitment to combating global warming and are committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions along the upstream value chains of our own brand products by the end of 2030 with an absolute reduction target of 15 percent compared to 2019. By 2040, we want to become climate-neutral at company level. With the campaign, we want to show our customers how climate-friendly it is to do their bit for the climate every day while shopping.“ 

Stefan Magel

Chief Operating Officer



Climate change – not an easy topic. Or maybe yes? 

We turn the tables: We make climate easy.
With simple solutions.
With simple language.
With optimism and motivation.

We are developing a simple guide that shows customers across all touchpoints where there are opportunities for climate protection.


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Felix Bartels
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