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PENNY sees itself as the neighbourhood discounter that is there for everyone. And that really means everyone. That's why the brand has been using its reach for years to give a voice to those who are otherwise often overlooked.

In 2023, PENNY also wanted to take a stand and prove that it takes its social responsibility very seriously. With a film that addresses in an emotional and authentic way exactly what moves many people in Germany personally right now. Together, we have developed a campaign that sheds light on a topic that deserves more attention and public discourse in times of climate change, wars and social inequality: children and young people. After all, when we talk about the future, we should first and foremost listen to those who are most affected by it. But how can a discounter know what the next generations actually want? Quite simply: by asking them. That's exactly what we did - and the answers from hundreds of young people became the core of our campaign.


A campaign for - and by - children and young people

Giving children and young people a voice without speaking for them. That was our goal. That's why we dared to do something new for this film: we metaphorically passed the pen for the script on to the young people themselves.

Hundreds of questionnaires were filled out by young people from all over Germany and analysed by us. It was quite moving to read what the next generation is really dealing with: We made a film out of very personal problems, real fears and young people's wishes for the future - and put them on advertising spaces all over Germany. From personal to social or political, from OOH to TikTok - nobody could ignore the voices of young people.
The result? PENNY was a direct mouthpiece for young people and was perceived as the social discounter that it is. But more importantly, children and young people were finally listened to. Over 13 million times on YouTube alone and over 3 million times in media libraries. And the diverse reactions to the campaign also showed one thing above all: the relevance of the topic. And that it is worth listening to children and young people. Especially when it comes to their future. 

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Dr. Stefan Görgens

"Children are our future. This makes it all the more important to listen to them and see the world through their eyes. Through our 'Förderpenny' initiative, we have been hearing first-hand for years what they lack and what they want. We want to use our reach to provide a platform for this."

Dr. Stefan Görgens


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PENNY - The kids
PENNY - The kids
PENNY - The kids
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