The forgotten generation

Contact restrictions, lockdowns, home schooling: Corona demands a lot from all of us. Young people in particular miss out on important times and formative experiences. Since the beginning of the pandemic their needs have been neglected, trivialized or even forgotten. 

While the whole country had to shut down several times, PENNY was always there as a grocer. The discounter has seen how young people are doing and wanted to give them the attention they deserve at Christmas. 

"It is kind of a tradition that in our Christmas campaign we focus on a topic that moves people. As a neighborhood discounter, we experienced first-hand in these challenging times how difficult the pandemic and its social consequences are, especially for young people."

Markus Haus

Head of Marketing



Understanding of customers’ insides instead of classic advertising message

PENNY positioned itself in the Christmas commercial "The Wish" at the cutting edge and proved that it knows and understands the life situations of its customers. The discounter became a mouthpiece for young people who received no attention during the Corona pandemic.

The emotional and at the same time subtle online film shows a mother who wishes for her son not only the beautiful, but also the painful experiences that are part of growing up. This desire speaks for great empathy and the insight that one has to let go of one's children. After all, that is what makes the story so real and unique.

In addition to the film, young people had the opportunity to win 5000 unforgettable experiences and catch up on what they missed. Among other things, concert tickets, trips and even graduation parties were given away. This is how PENNY turned the idea of the film into reality.

Key Facts


views for the online film


lottery participants


campaign reach in total

"I have three sons who have experienced exactly what was described in this film. It was a matter of the heart from the beginning to tell this film, this story and this message and to give something back."

Christoph Everke

Creative conception and support of the campaign


Key Takeaways


Closeness and empathy create sympathy.


Advertising can and should give hope.


Think about the target groups of
tomorrow, today.


CLIO Award

2x Silber
3x Bronze

ADC Annual Award

1x Gold
4x Silber
2x Bronze

Cannes Lion Award

1x Grand Prix
3x Gold
1x Silber


ADC DE Award

1x Grand Prix
7x Gold
4x Silber
5x Bronze

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Christoph Everke
Christoph Everke
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