The Anniversary Edition of TWELVE: A Tribute to Creativity



The Anniversary Edition of TWELVE: A Tribute to Creativity

The new possibilities of generative AI open up unprecedented opportunities in every area of business and society. In order to remain successful, it is important for people, brands and companies to question themselves, change and broaden their own horizons. The tenth issue of TWELVE, Serviceplan Group's magazine for brands, media and communication, is therefore dedicated to the theme of "Expanding horizons through creativity". To mark the launch of the anniversary issue, an event was held yesterday evening at the House of Communication in Hamburg with the renowned filmmaker Hermann Vaske, who has played a key role in shaping the magazine.

Munich/Hamburg, 22 February 2024 — In the age of AI, human creativity is the most important driver of innovation and thus of success. The main theme of this year's anniversary issue of TWELVE, the Serviceplan Group's annual corporate publishing magazine, is therefore "Expanding horizons through creativity". "The fascinating diversity of creativity makes the statements, artworks and drawings to the question "Why are you creative?" by 400 internationally renowned artists and personalities, which filmmaker Hermann Vaske has compiled for TWELVE.. They make this TWELVE a unique tribute to the diversity of human creativity.

The anniversary edition provides insights, strategies and innovative solutions that go beyond the familiar horizon. It shows how companies and brands can reach a new level of viability through creativity and innovation. It also explores the potential of AI and new technologies as drivers for brand management. Guest authors include personalities like transformation researcher Professor Dr. Maja Göpel, entrepreneur Bastian Fassin, Judith Borowski from Nomos Glashütte and founder Richard Socher, Michael Götz from Gustavo Gusto and professional racing driver Laura-Marie Geissler, war correspondent Dr Antonia Rados, photographer and environmental activist Sebãstiao Salgado and Serviceplan Group experts from the Houses of Communication.

Launch event with Hermann Vaske

Yesterday, the launch event for the 10th edition of TWELVE was held at the House of Communication in Hamburg. The welcome address by Serviceplan Group’s CEO Florian Haller was followed by an inspiring conversation about creativity between filmmaker Hermann Vaske and Serviceplan Group’s Global CCO Alexander Schill. Hermann Vaske personally guided the audience through his collection "Why are you creative" featuring over 100 of the world's most influential artists and thinkers, including Stephen Hawking, Marina Abramović and Nelson Mandela.

Florian Haller, CEO Serviceplan Group: "We do not see artificial intelligence as a threat. We see it as our mission to understand and harness this revolutionary technology as quickly as possible. Even in the age of AI, we believe that human creativity is the most important driver of innovation. Our ÜberCreativity concept takes this to a new level. I am proud of our latest issue of TWELVE, which, thanks not least to Hermann Vaske, pays tribute to this great human ability. It is the best proof of Serviceplan’s credo: Everyone is creative!"

Hermann Vaske's exhibition at the House of Communication in Hamburg is also open to external visitors by prior appointment until June. If you are interested, please send an e-mail to:

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The name TWELVE refers to the twelve months of a year, as well as to the twelve chapters of the magazine, each of which is associated with a currently relevant megatrend in the communications industry. In articles and interviews, well-known personalities provide insights into their thoughts on these topics. Experts from the Serviceplan Group explain the most significant current developments in brand communications within each subject area and introduce innovative projects. In addition to the individuality of the content, the design of TWELVE should also serve as an inspiration. This is why each issue is created together with an artist who designs the chapter’s beginning pages and the cover.

Since the first edition in 2015, every year TWELVE has been honoured with the “Red Dot Award: Communication Design”, In the last five years, TWELVE has also been honoured with Gold at the FOX Awards. Other awards for individual issues include Gold at the BCM (Best of Content Marketing), Silver at the LIA Awards and Bronze at the ADC Germany and ADC International.

The edition of the annual magazine is limited, and is sent to important national and international contacts of the Serviceplan Group. The 2024 edition (German and English) amounts to 8.000 copies.


ÜberCreativity at Serviceplan Group:

ÜberCreativity stands for an advanced form of innovation and is a key factor in overcoming the limits of marketing communication. is created when different communication disciplines combine their specific strengths to take an idea to an unrivalled creative level. The magic of ÜberCreativity is created every day in our Houses of Communication, where experts in the fields of Strategy & Consulting, Creative & Content, Media & Data and Platform & Technology work together worldwide, complementing and spurring each other on to constantly new solutions. Find out more at:


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