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In nine exciting masterclasses, top-class speakers and industry experts came together and discussed their knowledge with the aim of exploring the transformative power of AI, sharing their experiences and providing very personal insights into business, science, media and culture. 

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These are the topics of our Masterclasses

How can companies use sustainability as a growth driver?
In an interactive workshop, Stefanie Kuhnhen (Serviceplan), Jürgen Kornmann (Deutsche Bahn) and Marco Voigt (Green Window) talked about examples of success, concrete learnings from practice and insights from the latest study results.

Amal Rahho (TikTok), Vanessa Machado (Puma) and Eva Lihotzky (Serviceplan Group) discussed efficient success strategies for the TikTok platform in this masterclass. We summarized how to engage your audience with entertainment, effectively leverage platform speed, stand out from the competition, leverage the power of creators, and seamlessly integrate into the unique TikTok ecosystem.
Stay dynamic and create your success story on this eclectic platform!

Cultural marketing is one of the big marketing trends. But how can you establish credibility as a brand within a culture?
Music journalist and hip-hop expert Niko Backspin, together with rapper Dennis "Denyo" Lisk, shed light on the artists' perspective and their perception of brand collaborations. Together with Lars Holling (Serviceplan Team for O2), he contrasted this with the marketing perspective and analyzed from which angle and with which approaches culture and marketing can be harmonized.

The panel discussion revealed various perspectives on the ever-changing world of the retail media business.
Participants discussed current trends and challenges in this dynamic field with Florian Berger (Mediaplus), Andreas Kleofas (emax digital), Paul Baumann (Rossmann) and Torsten Ahlers (MediaMarktSaturn/MMS).

How do we convert contacts into customers along the customer journey? And what role can artificial intelligence (AI) play in this process?
Lukas Paschke (Plan.Net Group) got to the bottom of the question of how AI can be used efficiently and profitably for marketig goals with Thomas Balduff, our partner from Adobe.

Discover the future of your own marketing: Through targeted marketing automation and personalization, brands can turn their customers into enthusiastic fans. But how exactly does that work? 
Markus Haydl (hmmh) and Henrik Thiel (SAP Emarsys) addressed this question in our master class and came up with some exciting insights.

In this high-profile panel, Microsoft and Google shed light on their visions for the AI age: In which direction are Bing and Google heading? What impact will AI have on users' search and usage behavior? How can companies and advertisers ensure visibility on the web of the future? What disruptions can be expected for the customer journey and how will our view of data protection change under the conditions of AI-driven hyperpersonalization?

We are at the beginning of the AI age. In an interactive session, experts from thaltegos and Plan.Net discussed the opportunities and risks of Artificial Intelligence. Best practices from the areas of Conversational and Generative AI served as a basis for the discussion. The focus was on the topics of customer interactions and communication of the future. Other main topics of the exchange were Responsible AI and the prerequisites for the successful use of AI in the company.

Pia Schörner (BMW) and Nina Matzat (Serviceplan DCNTRL) discussed the launch of the BMW Fortnite Experience and its importance for the target group. They shed light on the authentic integration of the brand into the platform and the increase of brand awareness. They also presented the planned blockchain ecosystem "BMW.key" by BMW and Plan.Net Studios, which will support D2C activities, connecting digital and physical BMW worlds, and building a broader BMW community.

Background information
Innovation Day

With an innovative approach, the 19th edition of the Innovation Day inspired the approximately 500 participants. This year brought not only a fresh concept, but also three top-class speakers and exciting Masterclasses on a wide range of topics to enable exchange and interaction on an even more personal level.

Co-host Florian Haller, also on behalf of partners REPUBLIC, AdAlliance and SAP, placed the topic of artificial intelligence in the focus of the event: "After the spread of the Internet and the introduction of the smartphone, we are in the third century revolution with Kl." There are two ways to deal with this in brand management and communications, he said: "You can block it, or you can say we'll take it as an opportunity, try to work with it and take the most positive out of it."

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