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From target group analyses, persona models, social media and search relevance, to extensive data science and market research: we conduct in-depth research, derive insights, and develop the most suitable communication strategy - always aligning with the target group's needs.

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We've devised a method for consistently striking the perfect chord: Predictive Content. By continuously analyzing the market and target audiences, we provide data-driven, tailored content. It's captivating, inspirational, surprising.


Even the best content is rendered ineffective if it doesn't get seen, heard and experienced. We make sure that the tailored content reaches its intended audience precisely and contributes effectively to achieving objectives..

Content ecosystem
AOK 360° Customer Journey

The customer


The Allgemeine Ortskrankenkasse (AOK) comprises eleven regional AOKs and is one of Germany's largest health insurance companies. Founded in 1884, it currently provides coverage for more than 27 million people - nearly a third of the entire population. Over its 130-year history, the health insurance fund has evolved into the leading health brand.


The challenge


How do you reach 27 million people with information about preventive health care, and topics on health education and overall well-being? As a public health insurance provider, AOK is legal obligated to educate people. The aim is to inform as many individuals as possible about health issues, to motivate them to adopt healthier lifestyles, and to offer preventive measures to ward off illnesses.

This undertaking presents a challenge due to the need to convey complex content, reach a heterogeneous target group spanning various age groups, educational backgrounds, and interests, and address varying levels of health literacy.

In order to solidify its position as the largest health brand and the authority on health education, AOK must not only maintain but also enhance its visibility and expertise in health-related matters – both online and offline.

Serviceplan is tasked with developing an overarching and integrated content ecosystem that encompasses all relevant channels and delivers content tailored to individual personas.


Our solution


In order to meet the enormous demand for in-depth health content, we have created an integrated, self-learning system that generates and delivers target group-specific content.

Whether it’s in print, online magazines, or social media – policyholders and individuals interested in health access the relevant content they require: fast, informative and entertaining. In doing so, we empower users to improve their lifestyle in the pursuit of better health..


The result


A content ecosystem of high quality and quantity, resulting in substantial reach across various channels. The cross-channel communication approach thus achieves a high level of target group coverage.

It increased the visibility of AOK’s content to such an extent that the website, for example, ranks among the top 100 domains in Germany. Simultaneously, a credible expert position has been established, providing policyholders and interested parties with ongoing guidance and reference points for health-related inquiries. Additionally, AOK's content campaigns have garnered multiple awards. For example, a campaign addressing the significant topic of nursing care won the German Prize for Online Communication and received gold at the Comprix Awards.


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